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12:55 05/05/2019

Recent low was mirrored on both exchanges Thursday 2nd May , Going into Bank holiday on Friday African ones bounced 4% London only 0.15% . Dip in afternoon maybe time difference .

12:33 05/05/2019

Posted on Interactive 5 May 2019 .. Not copied here strait away .

12:29 04/03/2016

sold mine... now lets hope my top up in JLP worth it

12:29 04/03/2016

sold mine... now lets hope my top up in LMI worth it

03:17 13/01/2016

LMI is cash rich, no debt, and is located in africa just like London Mining, AMI and AFR, where are they now? if LMI is in FTSE 100 i will buy a few shares for a punt

09:09 18/12/2015

If you want to make your money back please short my company---in my business school in zimbabwe they always say go for a rights issue every 6 months, then after reverse split the share price looks great and high---I must go back now and have a sleep under my tree

12:19 17/12/2015

I will be looking at a new rights issue in 6 months. My PIC friends will take up the unsubscribed shares. I come from the zimbabwe school of business. Mugabe is my hero. Thank you ordinary shareholders for bankrolling me

15:12 27/11/2015

New boy here..should I take up the rights issue ?

10:17 25/11/2015

WUF WUF WUF What a doggy

11:49 19/11/2015

Thanks for approving my rights issue. I have a safe salary for the next 12 months. I guarantee to provide zero return to ordinary shareholders