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12:08 08/01/2015

ABout time we had some good news here!

09:24 12/12/2014

Is that £2.17bn profit or income form online sales?

02:40 05/11/2014

tesco might go bankurpt next year and the government will not save it www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article47886.html

15:25 23/10/2014

Short was at the ready!!!

15:25 23/10/2014

I thought the results were due next week

15:25 23/10/2014

I cant believe i missed this

15:22 23/10/2014


09:48 21/10/2014

This is Flying up

08:12 20/10/2014

Why has tesco gone up i wonder with bad news?

11:57 16/10/2014

bit of chart talk, and general woe at present