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claude_reins 28 Jun 2018

Large Drop XLM today Tai100: I used to work at XLMedia and I can tell you that this share drop was a long time coming. The foundations of XLMedia (known as Webpals in Israel) is SEO (search engine optimization) affiliation, namely sending traffic and players to its casino and betting brands via its SEO optimized referral sites. The margins in successful SEO are huge - upto 80%, much higher than any other acquisition channel (PPC, Media buying etc). The reason for the success of XLMedia and its IPO. SEO results though have been in decline since '15 when the old management and partners left and the new CEO (Inbal Lavi) joined from 888. In addition to losing this institutional knowledge she decided to move away from SEO and focus on lower margin channels buying cheap mobile app, display companies DAU UP and Clicksmob (which have been a failure) For over 3 years now XLMedia have not had a big presence in any of their target casino SEO markets (Sweden, Norway, Canada etc) XLMedia works on a revenue share basis meaning that you still see revenue from their partners long after you send the player, thus why results were still good despite the no of players being sent through in decline. Eventually though the no of ‘live players’ drops and the revenue share drops. The chickens have finally come home to roost from the poor focus on the company’s core business. Hello I dont know how to do other than reply. I wanted to put in a new message about the drop today which seems unexplained - down to 106p - but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to put it. Also, when I have put in this reply, there isnt the separate Reply box of old do very confusing. Anyone anything to add about either 1. the SP drop and / or 2. the New Post / Reply situation?

BuySel 18 Jun 2018

It was time to buy XLM today after the 3er day falling Nice to see someone believe are undervalued OYSTER - Sicav increasing their stake to 7.191% from Position of previous notification 6.33% RNS - Date on which the threshold was crossed or reached: 14/06/2018

BuySel 15 Jun 2018

It was time to buy XLM today after the 3er day falling Steady buying this morning with share price rise at the same time, the large trades being done at middle price as normal Looking strong as buying is done at full offer price 115p

BuySel 14 Jun 2018

It was time to buy XLM today after the 3er day falling The full comment of Moody’s upgrading EnQuest… Rating Action: Moody’s upgrades EnQuest’s rating to B3, stable outlook London, 14 June 2018 – Moody’s Investors Service, (“Moody’s”) has today upgraded EnQuest plc’s (EnQuest or the company) corporate family rating (CFR) to B3 from Caa1 and probability of default rating (PDR) to B3-PD from Caa1-PD. Concurrently, Moody’s has also upgraded the senior unsecured rating of the $677.5 million notes to Caa1 from Caa2. The outlook on all ratings remains stable. RATINGS RATIONALE The upgrade of the rating to B3 from Caa1 reflects the successful ongoing ramp-up of Kraken leading to an increased total production in 2018 of around 50,000-58,000 boepd from 37,405 boepd in 2017. Timely Kraken ramp-up has been a very important rating driver and the progress demonstrated by the company in 2018 reduces the ramp-up risk to a large extent. The production increase is also supported by higher oil prices averaging at around $70/bbl in the first 5 months of 2018. This should result in materially improved cash flow generation in 2018 and deleveraging with adjusted debt/EBITDA expected to around 4.0x-4.5x from its peak of 11.6x in 2017. The upgrade of the rating to B3 also reflects Moody’s expectation that the company should be able to maintain an adequate liquidity profile. Kraken started producing first oil in June 2017. However, the company faced instrumentation and familiarisation issues with the Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel which caused delays to the ramp up of Kraken in 2017. This coupled with the decline in production on the existing assets due to the maturing reserve life resulted in lower production at around 37,405 boepd in 2017 versus 39,751 boepd in 2016. Kraken’s net production to EnQuest averaged at 4,709 boepd in 2017. However, the company has managed to resolve the FPSO issues and production is ramping-up as per expectations in H1 2018. Kraken has produced around 21,431 boepd in the first four months of 2018 net to EnQuest, which is a material step up from 2017 and de-risks the project to a large extent. Moody’s expects the company to generate EBITDA of around $650-670 million in 2018-19, assuming an oil price of $59/bbl in 2018 and $55/bbl in 2019. Moody’s also notes that 7.5 MMbbls of oil (around 40% of total production) are hedged at an average price of $62/bbl in 2018. Capex spending is expected to remain at around $250-300 million in 2018-19. This is expected to result in positive free cash flow (FCF) generation of around $300 million in 2018 and $150 million in 2019. As a result of strong EBITDA generation, material deleveraging is expected in 2018-19 to around 4.0x-4.5x. The B3 rating also reflects the adequate liquidity profile of EnQuest. The company has access to $1.2 billion of credit facility, split into $1.125 billion of term loan facility and $75 million revolving credit facility (RCF), out of which $100 million remains undrawn as of December 2017. This coupled with cash balance of $173 million as of year-end 2017, and expectations of positive FCF generation should be sufficient to meet its liquidity needs for the next 12-18 months. The company has debt maturities of $224 million in 2018 and $330 million in 2019, which includes maturities under the credit facility which starts amortising semi-annually in October 2018. Moody’s believes that the company should be able to repay these amounts through internal cash generation. A successful farm down of the company’s 70.5% stake in Kraken could improve the company’s liquidity position, the timing of which remains uncertain. Moody’s continues to see EnQuest as an efficient and strong operator in the North Sea, as demonstrated by its ability to quickly bring down operating costs from $42/BOE in 2014 to around $26/BOE in 2017.

BuySel 14 Jun 2018

It was time to buy XLM today after the 3er day falling An unexpected late move up but very welcome, with plenty of trades as it reaches the end of the day 112 v 113p +7.50p earlier on there was hardly any trade for 45 minutes

BuySel 14 Jun 2018

It was time to buy XLM today after the 3er day falling Many are waiting for a TO for the stock if stay at this lows for long. on this item The Dutch Co Adyen was on IPO today, The share price has doubled and is trading over 500 Euros.

BuySel 14 Jun 2018

It was time to buy XLM today after the 3er day falling Keeps bouncing UP since yesterday lunchtime, at the moment at best of the day on a very steady rise 109.50p +4.50p

BuySel 14 Jun 2018

It was time to buy XLM today after the 3er day falling Yesterday note from - Investors Champion Investor's Champion – 13 Jun 18 XLMedia - bonkers valuation of the week! View the full article on Investor's Champion Following a disappointing trading update, the share price of this hitherto high-performing provider of digital performance marketing has taken a huge beating this week. Is there more trouble ahead or is this now a bargain to be snapped up? What does it do? Our Premium Research from April 2017 provided an in-depth look at XL Media (AIM:XLM). Using paid advertisements and its own websites, XL Media directs paying users to partners primarily in the gambling industry. It has also been branching out into financial services and other high-value sectors, to the extent that gambling now only represents 64% of total revenue from 83% last year. It calls itself a “performance marketing company”, since it operates differently to a traditional media or advertising business. Rather than being paid a one-time fee for a click or a view by advertisers, it typically enjoys a long-term share of the revenues (48% of revenue in 2017) from those users it directs to its more than 200 gambling operators and 300 non-gambling operators. Income to XL Media is performance-based since it is either a share of the long-term revenue generated by the user at the web destination, or it is triggered by the user taking a particular action (making bets of a particular size, for example). Group web sites are primarily designed to provide users with useful content, albeit content which is heavily geared toward funnelling them into the B2C operator’s services with the intent to use those services. The company is registered in Jersey and operates from Israel, two features which instantly suggest a higher risk profile for UK investors. That hadn’t put-off some highly regarded UK institutions, although at the first sign of trouble, which we have seen this week, many have clearly made a bolt for the exit! Back in April 2017 we described the shares as ‘superficially cheap against the current market valuation’, also commenting how it has been dishing out hefty dividends to shareholders. The share price rose 80% over the next 12 months reaching a high of 225p by December 2017. The shares currently languish at 100p. …

BuySel 14 Jun 2018

It was time to buy XLM today after the 3er day falling Slowly is warming UP for better things to come Buyers are paying full offer 109p, already up not long ago

BuySel 13 Jun 2018

It was time to buy XLM today after the 3er day falling There is a say " Men Tend To Fall In Love After Just 3 Days " Well, I did fall for the stock after the spike down this morning, so I bought some. It seems there was a larger size seller on the market that every so often drops 75K to the MMs desk, another time got 100K, so as the market, in general, is also down, MMs were not in a hurry to get the stock higher while sellers were around. But looking at the mild negative RNS, there is no such a reason for the savage 39% marked down of the last 3 days, and considering the company has got cash ready for further acquisitions, the low PE will get the stock moving higher soon, many where waiting till 100p, it got close to it 100.50p and then very slowly bounce back all afternoon .

claude reins 01 Jun 2018

Re: Black Rock disposal There are always several ways of looking at any situation, and I can understand that you are looking at a 52 week performance. However, I am more concerned with what has happened since the beginning of this year. As a reminder, the company made of a placing of 8% additional shares at a price of 198p which was a creditable price with very little discount. It did raise over £31m so in principal increased the value of the company, and the market capital now stands at around £350m. There was little change to the SP on the enlarged share total till some time after the placing.However since then the SP has plummeted and is now at 164p 19% below the 198p placing. It has been as low as 154p. I wouldnt call that a very good performance at all. With all the hype surrounding the CEO, and I rate him by the way, and the rest of the team, it should have gone from strength to strength, not strength to weakness.PS This is my largest single shareholding, and so I feel it!However, since then the SP has f

midcapper 01 Jun 2018

Black Rock disposal From 5.71% to 4.99% (max): that’s 1,586,520 shares sold. There doesn’t appear to be a reciprocal Investment Fund buyer (that I can see), so that’s a lot of downward sp pressure that’s now been eased.However there’s still those small matters of Brexit, Italy and Trump’s Trade Wars going on. There will always be something, though, so a +30% 52-week performance isn’t too shabby in this context, but it would be nice to see us move back above the 200p mark.

gretel 01 Jun 2018

Tipped by hedge fund manager XLM have been tipped as follows by Jeff Myers, who "has consistently been one of the top ranked analysts on SumZero, where he has generated a staggering median annualized return of 26.31% across 34 ideas. Meyers has topped SumZero's Best All-Time, Long, and Value Rankings lists.":[link] What is the most interesting recent European small cap that you’ve looked at? Meyers: One example of this is an Internet marketing company called XLmedia (XLM.LN) which is primarily based in Israel but trades on the London exchange. XLMedia gathers potential customers for its clients from its own proprietary websites (it has 2,000 of them) and media campaigns it runs on social media and on the Web. XLMedia initially served the online gambling markets in Scandinavia but now has diversified both geographically as well as by end market into financial services, social gaming, and cybersecurity. It is one of the larger players in a fragmented business and has grown through bolt-on acquisitions augmenting robust organic growth. Schiefelbein: How do you discover this company? What makes it special? Meyers: We discovered XLMedia through a valuation screen in early 2015 at a price of 50GBp. At the time, the company was coming off a year of 40% total revenue growth (30% organic) and 30% EBITDA margins. However, the stock was trading at a mere 5x EV/EBITDA, an unheard of valuation for a company growing at that rate with potential margin expansion. Since then management has executed on its business plan and nearly tripled revenue from 2014 to 2017. XLMedia’s stock has responded to the improvement in business fundamentals and now trades at 165GBp. While slightly improved from its 2015 levels, the current valuation of 7x EV/EBITDA is still very inexpensive and the company has a long runway of growth ahead of it. Screening for inexpensive European small-cap tech stocks and doing the leg work to fully understand their businesses is a time-consuming process but can be well worth it when you capture one of the many multi-baggers that are out there."

charlie51 31 May 2018

Beaufort - please write to your MP Latest from Sharesoc. Please disseminate to anyone else who might be inclined to write to their MP. Anyone holding shares should do so. Thanks - C51We hope that, by now, you have read about the threat to all your broker accounts, including ISAs and SIPPs, that the events at Beaufort Securities exposes. If not, please visit our campaign page for a full explanation.Now is the time for you to act, to protect your own interests and remove the threat that an administrator could raid your accounts to recover their costs, in the event that your broker or platform became insolvent.ShareSoc is asking all its members and Beaufort campaign supporters to write to their MPs, informing them about this threat and asking them to take action to remove it.A suggested letter follows, for you to send or email to your MP. For your letter to be truly effective, it is important that you personalise it, where indicated. Please explain why this threat concerns you and how you would be affected if your broker or platform became insolvent and how that threat impacts your saving and investment decisions. MPs will be less likely to act if they simply receive a series of identical letters.You can find details of your MP’s name and email address at this webpage [link] letter or emailear [NAME OF MP],I write to highlight my concerns over the special administration of Beaufort Securities, who were one of the largest private client stockbrokers in the UK regulated by the FCA. This case has broad and troubling implications for all UK investors in shares, including those held in ISAs and SIPPs. Over 14,000 clients are directly affected by this matter.The administrators (PwC) have confirmed that the assets of Beaufort clients (shares and money) were ring-fenced as per FCA CASS requirements and were substantially complete apart from a few isolated deficiencies. Nevertheless, PWC has suggested that it may cost as much as £100 million over four years to wind up the company and return assets at the clients’ expense. Under growing pressure from clients, PwC has recently revised these estimates to £55 million over two years.[INSERT YOUR OWN SITUATION HERE DETAILING HOW THIS HAS AFFECTED YOU OR WHY YOU ARE CONCERNED]These estimates are totally disproportionate, given that they represent 10% of the approximately £550 million value of the ring-fenced client property held by Beaufort. Hundreds of clients may suffer substantial losses and hair-cuts, ring-fenced status notwithstanding.way of contrast, another broker, Fyshe Horton Finney, which had £300 million client assets was charged less than £3 million by its administrators (Harrisons) following its insolvency. It’s evident that PwC intends to treat this unfortunate incident as an opportunity to fleece 14,000 clients of £55,000,000!There have apparently been 13 offers from third-party brokers to take over the client assets of Beaufort. A business transfer could resolve the matter quickly and at much lower cost, and such a solution has been used to good effect in previous broker failures.Because this is a Special Administration under the very flawed 2011 Special Administration Rules, PwC can take its fees out of the client assets/funds held in “ring-fenced” nominee accounts - segregated accounts not available to be treated as assets of the failed business.In just 2 months, PwC has already spent £6,000,000; That’s a run-rate of £3,000,000 per month to be funded from clients’ assets. There is a clear conflict of interest between the administrators’ duty of care in returning assets to clients in a timely fashion and their corporate motivation to generate fee income. It is very evident that PwC intends to treat this unfortunate incident as an opportunity to maximise its profits at the expense of Beaufort’s clients.A review of any stockbroker’s terms and conditions shows that clients are not made awar

claude reins 23 May 2018

Time approaching for another CEO share purchase? OW seems to be very astute with his - quite small - interventions into the market. The last one was when the SP had slipped into the 150s. He bought 32k at 155p, a mere £50k. The response was I think a 10p uplift in SP. So cost to OW was £50k; increase in paper value to him of £3k on that purchase; increase in paper value of his shareholding of 4.2m shares of £420k. Net increase in value to him - equating paper and actual investment at the same values which is not necessarily fair - around £420k, which really is a pretty good return on his £50k outlay!