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aliwalsw11 20 Apr 2018

Re: Dividend Mine is showing in my Hargreaves Lansdown a/c

charlie51 20 Apr 2018

Dividend Anyone seen the dividend yet? Last time round was a real fiasco - and no matter the reason or fault does not reflect well on governance at XLM. Hopefully, no repeat this time round, but today is 20 April, the declared pay date, and nothing seen by me yet. And this hardly ranks as a complex issue.

gretel 20 Apr 2018

The IC say Buy today The IC have just today published their new AIM 100, the guide to the junior market. And in at no.57....[link] XLMediaIn 2017, investors began to overlook their concerns with XLMedia’s (XLM) Israeli heritage and its exposure to the loosely regulated gambling industry. Still, an enterprise value to adjusted cash profits valuation of 6.4 times looks stingy considering the group’s pace of growth. In 2018, revenues are forecast to rise 11 per cent even without accounting for the expected acquisitions in the cyber security and financial services space.Once XL emerges from its period of investment, there is great potential for profit growth to outpace that of revenue as more of its websites start to turn a profit. In 2017, only 10 per cent of the 2,300-strong portfolio was profitable. Not that the group’s current profitability is anything to complain about: operating margins in the publishing business currently stand at 80 per cent and they’re improving in the media business – where the group drives traffic to its partners’ websites – as XL increases its focus on quality customers. Buy."

freedom-thirty5 18 Apr 2018

Re: Stockopedia view Profit & Loss account I assume.

frusset 18 Apr 2018

Re: Stockopedia view What's a "balance sheet P&L account"? (Stockopedia's term)

freedom-thirty5 18 Apr 2018

Re: RNS: Director Share Purchase Hopefully. £50,000 is a lot of money to anyone, and unless something's wrong (for which there's no evidence or suggestion), the shares are very good value.

gretel 18 Apr 2018

Re: RNS: Director Share Purchase Great to see Ory buy another £50,000 of shares at 155p. Hopefully this is the upward turning point for the share price.

freedom-thirty5 18 Apr 2018

RNS: Director Share Purchase on 17 April 2018, Ory Weihs, Chief Executive Officer, purchased a total of 32,258 Ordinary Shares at a price of 155.0 pence per share. Following this purchase, Mr Weihs now has a total beneficial interest in 4,215,187 Ordinary Shares, representing 1.91% of the current issued share capital of the Company.[link]


Stockopedia view XLMedia (LON:XLM)Share price: 154.5p (-2%)No. of shares: 220 millionMarket cap: £340 millionAcquisition of leading UK Bingo comparison siteA reader in the comments has already done a bit of digging into this, and found the published 2016 accounts for Whichbingo Limited, owner of whichbingo.co.uk.Background: XL Media is the Israeli "performance marketing" group which we have occasionally covered in this report. Using its own content management system, it manages a wide range of websites and funnels its readers to gambling and credit card companies, sharing in the revenue they go on to generate for XLM's marketing clients.Today's announcement says that XL Media has bought the whichbingo.co.uk website. We can make a distinction between buying the website and buying the company. XL Media has not said that it bought the company.For what it's worth, the company reported £1.47 million in its balance sheet P&L account for 2016, up from £0.87 million the previous year. We don't have 2017 accounts and we don't have an income statement. Thanks to bestace for figuring this out.Whatever the merits of the deal, it's almost certainly going to be a very small piece in the puzzle given the £340 million market cap attached to XLM.As has been pointed out in the comments, today's deal was announced via RNS Reach. For anyone unfamiliar with this, RNS Reach announcements are "non-regulatory", which for our purposes means approximately the same thing as immaterial. It's for voluntary announcements by companies:RNS Reach is a high-profile investor communication service aimed at assisting listed and unlisted companies to distribute non-regulatory news releases such as marketing messages, corporate and product information into the public domain.So in summary - the strategic rationale for buying "whichbingo" is clear enough, but the deal is probably not material in relation to XLM as a whole.XL Media - ReviewLast September, I said that XLM was probably a fine opportunity, with the shares priced a tad below 140p.Since then, they flew up to 220p before returning to their current level.Operating income announced last month was up by 33%, and the Board printed an optimistic outlook, guiding for "the continued execution of our strategy".I expect that the share price will be supported soon, if it heads much deeper into value territory:5ad49c2fc3416XLM_20180416.PNGNervous investors such as myself will stay on the sidelines, due to caution around the type of stock this is (a gambling/online AIM stock based outside of Europe), though I also note the presence of high-quality institutions on the shareholder register. But still, given the type of stock that it is, the valuation multiples could struggle until it is bought out by or merges with a more familiar name, or lists on a more trusting stock exchange (unlikely, given that UK institutions have bought into it).It's uncomfortable when you see a successful growth stock trading at a nice valuation, but it just doesn't fit into your risk profile. I'm know I'm probably missing out. That's how I feel about XLM.[link]


Re: Onwards & downwards Still in that downtrend now currently down 30% from it's highs.Suprised with all the positives news the price still drifts lower, although the underlying signals supportive the share price is now under 200 ema.Might we see a re-test of the 1.50 level.atb

johnymccarthy 04 Apr 2018

Re: The IC say Buy Ory Weihs.

BlackPrince 31 Mar 2018

Re: The IC say Buy That old "kiss of death" from the IC - thanks folks! Does anyone ever take notice of their 'tips'?

claude reins 27 Mar 2018

Re: RNS: Sedbank buying, go above 5% Yes thank you. Just testing to see how many are awake!

RichardLY 26 Mar 2018

Re: RNS: Sedbank buying, go above 5% except you mean 198p not 398p

claude reins 26 Mar 2018

Re: RNS: Sedbank buying, go above 5% Yes Gretel. Two buyers among the institutions which will I hope get us out of this SP decline spiral which does not reflect the value in the company. After all, very recently money raised at 398p; future share awards to staff based on min 302p.

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