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gretel 26 Oct 2017

4 US states to intro online gambling? No fewer than four US states - including Pennsylvania - are looking to legalise online gambling this year:[link] States Are Making A Late Push To Legalize Online GamblingSteve Ruddock, October 23, 2017 12:38 PDTState legislatures making last-ditch attempts to pass online gambling bills is becoming a yearly tradition.Last year, Pennsylvania and Michigan kept us on the edges of our seats right through Christmas, and this year iGaming legislation is making a late push in no less than four states.In addition to Pennsylvania and Michigan, you can add Illinois and New Hampshire to this year’s watch list. Here’s where each state stands going into the last full week of October. etc"

Bowman 26 Oct 2017

Re: Looking for new all-time highs Well, let us be optimistic. "Today" referred to the 25th, so post should arrive by 27th if we are lucky, which is a Friday. Cheque deposited on the 27th, would mean funds being credited to the Stockbroker's account by say Wednesday/Thursday next week. Another day for internal processing results in monies being credited to the Shareholder by Thursday/Friday next week."Surely, we are not going to see cheques through the post? " I guess if you hold the share directly, then yes, however if held in a nominee type account then the Stockbroker would receive the cheque. I have previously queried and occasional late dividend payment with my Stockbroker, and the usual reply has been that they have received the payment by cheque and are waiting for it to be cleared.

De Materialise 26 Oct 2017

Re: xlm Charlie, try this link - Concurrent tech[link] Armagain

gretel 26 Oct 2017

Good news re online gambling in the USA overnight in Pennsylvania - it's suddenly looking good, with hopefully final approval today. This would be extremely positive news for GAN too:[link] Senate Passes Gaming Bill With Online Poker, Casino And Daily Fantasy Sports Dustin Gouker, October 25, 2017 170 PDTA bill that would legalize Pennsylvania online casinos and poker won approval from the full Senate on Wednesday night.A vote in the full House appears to loom on Thursday morning.The moves came as multiple pieces of the revenue package to fund the state budget are progressing.Last week, the Senate’s majority leader indicated that the gaming bill would be taken up this week.etc"

charlie51 26 Oct 2017

Re: Looking for new all-time highs I understand it was at Barclays and not Capita where the problem lay. I have yet to see the dividend, has anyone else?. I note from the RNS: "the cash dividend of US Dollar ("USD" 4.0226 cents per share is expected to be posted to Shareholders today." Surely, we are not going to see cheques through the post?