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18:31 15/07/2016

Most LT shareholders have realised VOG is regarded as a cash-cow by Foo and the directors, the shareholders nothing but a nuisance, but can be taxed when the coffers run down. The CEO and BOD don't worry about the share price as they receive massive salaries and bonuses.

11:14 15/07/2016

Foo, is the only thing holding the share price back.

13:56 14/07/2016

Another overpaid snout in the trough. Why?

22:32 02/07/2016

Are we moving into Nigeria? [link]

17:50 19/06/2016

It's almost criminal what has happened with VOG, I see he got rid of grant I wonder how much that cost us or will he come back as an advisor. Nobody can get to the bottom of anything with this company. Private investors have been sold down the river by FOO I have lost a fortune on the old broken promises it seems everybody is taking a slice of the pie so how can they make money. Grimm has his 40%Foo has his 5% Cam govt have their 5% what's left for the investors that took all of the risk. I know exactly what I am going to vote at the AGM no matter what rabbit FOO pulls out of the hat it will just be smoke and mirrors.

10:47 18/06/2016

VOG, the money pit for investors and cash cow for directors.

22:54 16/06/2016

Hi VOG investors. I've popped in to offer some sympathy. I know your woes and the fact that most of you are licking your wounds after being duped by Chairman Foo and his leadership. Each one of you poor souls should be sitting pretty looking at bundles of twenties or a carpet strewn with Krugerrands. I had had enough. So I followed George Soros into gold. Am up about 40% in 2 weeks. VOG, in contrast can still go down. I would not touch the stock above 20 p. If creditors to VOG make a margin call in adverse market conditions, VOG could halve in price. I wish all you brave souls well, and hope my fears do nor materialise.

09:53 15/06/2016

Tell me does anybody know if Grimm is getting his cut from the well head is Foo charing him to use our pipeline?

10:01 11/06/2016

Shelve any bonus plans until the all investors Foo has duped over the last 9 years have been fully reimbursed, that would in my case require a share price of £2.25p.

10:56 03/06/2016

I feel obliged, yet again, to fire a broadside into the leadership at VOG. Speculative buy ratings by Beaufort and Numis Securities have been repeatedly rebuffed by the market, as have "Presentations" and gobbledegook composed of technical detail and the despair of micro-economics. The Market, in contrast, is not easily fooled. It takes a "heli-view" (the big picture) of past, current and especially future operations. Whilst the production arm of VOG in Cameroon appears to be thriving, exploratory wells are steeped in uncertainty and are draining resources. The prospect that VOG will then go on to service other developing gas projects throughout Africa is impractical and parlous, as its financial base is far from secure. Small but costly layers of management doing I don't know what, clearly does not help. Information flow is often late and obscure. Reports must be clear and to the point. The Market can smell subterfuge in any of its forms. Any attempts to dress her up and present her as something she is not, will be laid bare.VOG gets a thumbs up when the doctor (The Market) writes VOG a clear bill of health, which will be a sustained significantly higher share price from her current range. My naval guns remain trained on VOG!