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15:53 26/07/2016

I suppose old Kev and the BOD will feel justified in grabbing their self awarded 100% bonus, the broken long term holders certainly won't.

08:49 26/07/2016

More pie in the sky and jam tomorrow predictions, we all know Foo's GSA's can evaporate overnight.

16:04 25/07/2016

There will only ever be enough money to be made to keep the top half dozen in clover. Courtesy of foolish and complacent shareholders.

17:37 24/07/2016

Foo's total remunerations amount to many millions too much, at the shareholders cost. Very shady character indeed.

19:18 19/07/2016

Foo's royalties are depriving investors of dividends.

23:03 18/07/2016

Interesting video, if only he had a crystal ball [link]

09:42 18/07/2016

I don't wish to scare anyone..... But if debt in the US unravels and the petrodollar ceases to exist -- All very probable events -- before VOG finds more gas, the company would be in tatters. If the drilling is concluded with no hydrocarbons found, even without global stockmarket turmoil, the clock would be turned back 5 years on VOG. Stock prices could easily collapse below 10 p. Investors shoulD ask themselves if they want to live with these sorts of worries. Will you be taking bread from your childrens' and grandchildrens' mouths?

23:01 17/07/2016

Quarterly update well overdue as usual. Very poor show.

18:31 15/07/2016

Most LT shareholders have realised VOG is regarded as a cash-cow by Foo and the directors, the shareholders nothing but a nuisance, but can be taxed when the coffers run down. The CEO and BOD don't worry about the share price as they receive massive salaries and bonuses.

11:14 15/07/2016

Foo, is the only thing holding the share price back.