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09:56 06/08/2016

Foo's salary, bonuses, and royalties are an issue that needs addressing to get II's interested, and give hope to PI's.

08:38 03/08/2016

Dear VOG investors. It really is worthwhile listening to people like Duffer and Saltyjack. They of all people, have their fingers on the pulse.

17:30 01/08/2016

Luckily for shareholders Foo is not running their pension schemes.

15:50 31/07/2016

Why is the independent committee taking so long to come up with a solution to FOO's royalties? Every day is costing pi's money. FOO must go he has a serious conflict of interest. All of the fund raising, bank loans pi's investments are all making money for FOO'S royalties. I'm absolutely seething with anger as I have lost 10s of thousands in his promises. No wonder all he wants to do is focus on Doula and stuff everything else......

09:54 30/07/2016

The punishing royalties and bonuses, alongside sky high salaries, will not help to draw in investors.

14:06 29/07/2016

Excessive salaries bonuses and royalties by greedy directors, stealing the shareholder dividends, is causing the shrinking share value.

08:42 29/07/2016

Another painful day in the land of Vog, guarantee FOO will be sitting down to a nice big dinner tonight.......

19:49 28/07/2016

Blank cheques given out to Board members including "The Boss" are an irritant with a languishing SP, but this fact alone would not be a reason to abandon ship for myself. My two greatest (investment) fears are the demise/collapse of Wall Street later this year, and the fear of hitting dry wells. A dry well could send VOG back to the Stone Age. Regarding VOG, the SP says it all. Tinkering with technicalities or getting bogged down in percentages is a futile exercise.

17:44 28/07/2016

Message to all shareholders, this company is a disaster run by a greedy buffoon who has destroyed any chance of shareholder returns to line his own pockets, it's that simple.

10:42 27/07/2016

CHL is a parasite company draining the potential growth and investor value from VOG.