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11:08 20/12/2016

on the plus side, he does not expect the shares to go lower that 28p or he would not have taken them.

12:31 08/09/2016

Who have we settled with? When are we gonna get FOO settled 8 months now trying to come to an agreement to get his royalties removed from him. This guy is taking everybody for a ride he needs to be booted out FAST!

19:02 07/09/2016

Sick and F***** tired of this company and FOO! He is a disaster........

23:11 31/08/2016

I am so angry with the management of this company.. WHY can't FOO be transparent for once, just once.

08:17 31/08/2016

FOO has some serious explaining to do with the shareholders of VOG. I think this whole episode and previous episodes need investigating. Something stinks!

16:55 18/08/2016

The bonuses and royalties are holding the share price back, they should be exchanged for share options.

08:57 18/08/2016

Half the proven gas gone! Foo and his boardroom cronies are the only ones who have made a killing.

10:34 09/08/2016

Another nefarious plan to deceive and rob shareholders?

18:06 08/08/2016

Why did Numis go? What has happened?

09:56 06/08/2016

Foo's salary, bonuses, and royalties are an issue that needs addressing to get II's interested, and give hope to PI's.