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07:05 30/06/2014

I just wondered if anyone had actually thought whether VOG is likely to be bought out? VOG has done all the hard work laying all the piping over these many years and is just turning the corner of profitability. I just wondered whether this refusal on the part of RSM to pay their share of the money might be some kind of attempt to keep the screws on VOG share price. Maybe the audit is just an excuse to evaluate the assets? Maybe the real goal of RSM is to make a takeover bid so that it can eventually sell VOG’s Cameroon venture to Lukoil which has recently taken an interest in the Cameroon?

20:00 18/04/2014

Are you the real deal?

21:03 02/03/2014

The most undervalued oil/gas producer?

14:57 19/02/2014

SULA hitting the leaderboard still no phone quote looks looks like there is more to the jv talk. Rumoured JV,African Minerals / SULA Iron & Gold , Adjacent mine has a resource of almost 12.8billion tons hxxp://

08:29 08/02/2014

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