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Mars_2050 14 Sep 2016

RNS $1.5m in cash + VAT Bonus Bass Transaction Completion and Tranche One SettlementStratMin Global Resources Plc (AIM: STGR) is pleased to announce completion of the divestment of Graphmada Mauritius ("Graphmada" to Bass Metals Ltd ("Bass" (the "Divestment" with execution of a final Settlement Deed and the receipt of the A$600,000 balance of the A$1.5 million Tranche One cash payment expected to clear international banking in the next twenty four hours. Coupled with the issuance of 75 million Bass Ordinary Shares to the Company, which occurred on 2 September 2016, this completes Tranche One of the Divestment consideration.As previously announced, further consideration of up to A$8,000,000 in Bass Ordinary Shares is to be paid to Stratmin subject to the operations of Graphmada meeting certain production milestones. In addition, a quarterly net smelter royalty payment from Bass of 2.5 per cent, capped at A$5,000,000, will begin in six months.The Company has also agreed to assist Bass in the recovery of a VAT credit for Graphmada S.A.R.L. in return for an equal share in the balance recovered. The VAT credit at Graphmada S.A.R.L. as at the date of this agreement is GBP486,502, generating a potential further payment from Bass of up to GBP243,251 from this transaction.As previously advised, the Board has been actively pursuing a number of corporate opportunities and is confident that it will be able to complete a transaction within six months of completion of the Divestment which provides the Company with the necessary compliance to maintain the trading of its ordinary shares on AIM. Failing this, the Company's ordinary shares will be suspended from trading on AIM.Brett Boynton, Executive Chairman, Commented:"We are very pleased to have this first phase of the divestment successfully completed. As the largest shareholder in Bass, StratMin is well positioned to benefit from their fully funded expansion program and we are constantly looking at ways to maximize the value of this investment. Partnering on the recovery of the VAT is one of the many ways we will be leveraging our in-country and industry expertise to help Bass."

Mars_2050 05 Sep 2016

Re: Graphite demand To beat Tesla, China plans to boost electric vehicle sales 10-fold[link]

Dorset 53 03 Sep 2016

Re: Graphite demand Interestingly laid out, but I think the missing part is that, when Li-ion gets towards $100/kWh, the demand for domestic storage of electricity will take off. In equatorial countries with less than perfect power grids, this is a no-brainer add-on to solar power at the right. I'd love to see more forecasts of this, as it would add that extra bump to graphite demand quickly.

Mars_2050 03 Sep 2016

Re: Graphite demand [link]

Mars_2050 02 Sep 2016

Barchart analysis - Strong Buy [link]

Mars_2050 02 Sep 2016

India - graphite demand Mahindra, Nissan, Toyota and other carmakers scramble to build electric cars in India [link]

Mars_2050 30 Aug 2016

Great RNS $$$ + new asset StratMin Global Resources Plc (AIM: STGR), notes that Bass Metals Ltd ("Bass" has advised the Company that the capital raise to fund the purchase of Graphmada and expansion of the mine and plant at Loharano has been successful, with the final retail component of the rights issue and placement now completed.1. Initial funds totalling in excess of £325,000 have been remitted from Bass and received by StratMin.2. The balance of the A$1.5 million cash settlement is to be funded from placement proceeds and is expected to clear international banking in the next week.3. The first 75 million Bass ordinary shares due to Stratmin is expected to be received within the next week.4. Further consideration of up to A$8,000,000 in Bass ordinary shares to be paid to Stratmin subject to Graphmada meeting certain production milestones.5. A net smelter royalty payment from Bass of 2.5 per cent, capped at A$5,000,000, will begin in six months.In on-going operations, Stratmin has now finalised and agreed the development budget with Tirupati for the 12,000 tpa Vatomaina flake graphite. Initiation of funding is expected within the next 15 days

Mars_2050 24 Aug 2016

Graphite demand Graphite Market: Demand From Refractories Will Continue to Remain StrongVALLEY COTTAGE, New York, August 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --Global sales of graphite is estimated to be valued at US$ 14,690 Mn by the end of 2016, witnessing a Y-o-Y growth of 9.0% over 2015. Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) will continue to remain a key region, with its revenue share of the global market expected to be 35.5% in 2016.Demand for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles and other electronic devices is expected to significantly drive growth of the graphite market in 2016 and beyond. Rising energy demand across the globe is driving installation of various novel energy production sources such as nuclear pebble bed reactors. Graphite is used an electrode in such reactors.Request a Sample Report with Figures: [link] the basis of product type, synthetic graphite segment will continue to find favour among end-use industries. This is mainly attributed to its high demand and relatively high cost as compared to natural graphite. Slowdown of mining activities in China is anticipated to drastically lower production of natural graphite. This in turn is expected is expected to drive demand for synthetic graphite in the long run. Vein graphite sub-segment is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 6.3% in terms of volume over the forecast period. Vein graphite is available in Sri Lanka and increasing mining in this country is expected to witness significant growth of this sub-segment during the forecast period.On the basis of application, refractories segment is anticipated to dominate the market in terms of value and volume. This segment is expected to account for 42.2% volume share in 2015. Batteries segment is anticipated to witness robust growth in terms of value and volume over the forecast period. In terms of volume, the batteries segment was pegged at 134,400 tonnes in 2015.Free Analysis on Global Graphite Market Size by Application: [link] America and Western Europe are estimated to collectively account for 22% value share in the global graphite market by the end of 2016. The commencement of gigafactory of Tesla Motors Inc. in 2017 for production of electric cars is in turn expected to significantly increase demand for graphite. In 2015, China was the largest producer of graphite, accounting for over 70% share of global production.Key players in the global graphite market include SGL Carbon SE, Showa Denko K.K., AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V., Graphite India Limited, Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd., SEC Carbon Ltd., Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd., HEG Ltd., GrafTech International Limited.Request for Table of Contents: [link] Outlook: The long-term outlook on the global graphite market remains positive, with market value expected to increase at a CAGR of 11.1% during the forecast period. Among product types, synthetic graphite segment is expected to expand at a significant CAGR in terms of value over the forecast period. Among applications, batteries segment is anticipated to witness highest CAGR in terms of value over the forecast period.

Mars_2050 23 Aug 2016

CEO interview [link] Global Resources PLC (LON:STGR) has disposed of its Graphmada business in Mauritius after the acquisition was agreed on Monday.Acquirer Bass Metals Ltd (ASX:BSM) will make an initial payment of A$1.5mln in cash by the end of the month. The remainder of the A$15.25mln will be met through shares and a net smelter royalty.Brett Boynton, chief executive, tells Proactive Investors '' through the sale we have ended up with an equity position which will enable us to pursue our joint venture with our technical partner Tirupati on another Graphite project about 20 km away from the existing operation.''''Our focus will immediately switch, from an operational point of view, to the development of the Vatomaina asset'', he adds.

Mars_2050 23 Aug 2016

Mcap undervalued LSEBass Metals total package in cash, shares and royalties is valued at up to A$16.3 million. Thanks to the improved exchange rate this deal is now valued at £9.5 million ~5.8p. But looking at recent performance of Bass sp (up +140% on tranche1!) this will increase further. Bass metals just raised A$5.5 million so will be fully funded going ahead, which is needed to quickly expand graphmada's production. Which means Stratmin will receive Bass share package worth A$8 million (tranche 2 and 3) within 12-18m.Experienced Aussie Graphite investors are loving the Graphmada/Stratmin asset.Talk of +$100m Market cap.12600 views in 1day, over 120 posts[link] caps 22th August, Bloomberg Bass................A$11 ~£6.4mSTGR................£3.2m!Non-producing Graphite companies in Australia ASXHexagon Resources..A$30m - £18mTalga Resources.......A$50m - £29mKibaran Resources....A$50m - £29mVolt Resources........A$65m - £38mMagnis Resources...A$267m - £155mSyrah Minerals.........A$1.18 BILLION! - £685m Bass/Graphmada will be valued way above $100million imo which bodes well for tranche 1, 2 and 3.Furthermore we now know that Stratmin is fully funded to continue as a follow on business via the Tirupati option. They will be using the millions of pound worth of Bass shares for the 12kt Vatamaina project see RNS, which will be operated by our JV Partner Tirupati India. They are graphite experts with 30y experience and have a proven ability to sell every ton they produce.As always DYOR Buy low, Sell highGLA

Mars_2050 22 Aug 2016

RNS Tirapiti JV RNS Number : 7857HStratmin Global Resources PLC22 August 2016Bass Transaction UpdateStratMin Global Resources Plc (AIM: STGR), notes the announcements made today by Bass Metals Ltd ("Bass" on the Australian Stock Exchange ("ASX" regarding the approval at the Bass General Meeting of all resolutions including, inter alia, completion of the acquisition of Graphmada Mauritius ("Graphmada" and issuance of Bass Ordinary Shares to Stratmin in part consideration for the acquisition of Graphmada. Bass separately announced taking full operational control of Graphmada with immediate effect.1. Bass announced to the ASX today final shareholder approval for the acquisition of Stramin's 93.75 per cent. interest in Graphmada.2. Bass has taken control of all Graphmada operations, effective immediately.3. The cash consideration, payable by Bass to Stratmin, is A$1,500,000, which is expected to be received by 30 August 2016.4. This cash payment will be met from existing Bass cash resources and a fully underwritten rights issue.5. The first part of the equity consideration includes an immediate allocation of 75 million Bass Ordinary Shares, which is expected to be received on 30 August 2016.6. At the close of trading on the ASX on 22 August 2016, Bass' share price was A$0.024, up 60 per cent. for the day, valuing Stratmin's holding at A$1,800,000.7. Further consideration of up to A$8,000,000 in Bass Ordinary Shares to be paid to Stratmin subject to Graphmada meeting certain production milestones.8. A net smelter royalty payment from Bass of 2.5 per cent, capped at A$5,000,000, will begin in six months.With the sale conditions now met and Bass taking over operational responsibility for Graphmada, Stratmin will focus on the development of the Vatomaina Joint Venture with technical partner Tirupati Carbons and Chemicals Pvt Ltd. The Joint Venture includes the development of a 12,000 ton per annum flake graphite concentrate mine and processing plant at Vatomaina in Madagascar. Initial funding will be directed to site preparation and drilling for mine planning purposes. The Joint Venture company is already profitably trading third party graphite from Malagasy based producers. Please refer to the Company's announcement of 7 July 2016 for further information on the Vatomaina project.In addition to the Vatomaina Joint Venture and, as previously advised, the Board has been pursuing a number of corporate opportunities and remains confident that it will be able to complete a reverse takeover transaction within the six months following final settlement on the divestment (expected to be 30 August 2016) and maintain the admission of Stratmin's ordinary shares to trading on AIM.Brett Boynton, CEO, commented:"This is a great outcome for Stratmin and all Bass shareholders. The proceeds for the sale of Graphmada, which we are shortly to receive from Bass, means we are well funded to pursue our joint venture with Tirupati on the Vatomaina project and leverage everything the team has learned over the last year in Madagascar in developing our new graphite mine and processing plant."

Mars_2050 22 Aug 2016

Boom time for Stratmin BASS completes deal and BASS shares close Up 60% on ASX at 2.4c.So STGR's gained over AUS$1m todayThey will receive AUS$1.5m cash plus tranche 1 (75m shares at 1c) worth AUS$1.8mGLA

Mars_2050 19 Aug 2016

Summary Takwn from LSEThe Bass Deal in effect is intended to swap direct 100% ownership of the mine for a percentage ownership in Bass Metals, who are raising the necessary finance to fully refurbish the existing mine and extend into the Mahefadok area.The effective dilution is only supposed to be on a par with what we'd suffer raising millions off our low mcap, but the deal de-risks us somewhat, leaving Stratmin available to focus on a follow-on project whilst maintaining a stake in the Graph Mada operations.Link with India is Mr Shishir Poddar, who is MD of Tirupati - an established Inidian graphite player. Shishir is also on Stratmin BOD and is instrumental in turning the mine around. He has a career of engineering knowledge in Graphite mining and, essentially, is someone I personally trust to get the job done.The deal itself requires meeting production criteria before we get all our shares. The criteria all make sense, they are no-where near 100% planned capacity at each stage.Stratmin will retain an engineering role in refurbishing Lohorano.I believe Tirupati, and another Indian company linked to Shishir Poddar, consolidate resources, are also involved in offtake from Lohorano.Basically everyone still has a stake in success of the existing mine, and Stratmin + Tirupati, through the next planned JV, have interest in the new mine. I've been invested for around 2 years, first as a dabble on production then increased expecting new BOD to turn this around, it's been a bit of a thorn in my portfolio but hopefully now we are finally at the turnaround stage. GLA

Mars_2050 19 Aug 2016

Deal approval next week Bass out of suspension and back trading again.Closed up 7% at 1.5c 50% gain for Stratmins tranche 1.Bass EGM will take place on Monday.Their approval for the £9m deal should be just a formality.STGR current Market cap only £2.5m.Stratmin will continue as a graphite company by taking the Tirupati option. (see RNS)New graphite mine with better grades under the guidance of Indian Major Tirupati.Re-rate on the cards.+5p first target

Mars_2050 10 Aug 2016

China $1.8 Billion Electric car factory China's LeEco to Invest $1.8 Billion in Electric Car Factory10 August [link]