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Seagull2 14 Dec 2017

Article How to calculate potential value of a mining project[link] link re the basics of the valuation process

Seagull2 14 Dec 2017

Re: slow tick-up oh oh thats done it ! tin hat time , don't mention the war (MRE)! lol

Disorder 14 Dec 2017

Re: slow tick-up Kind of noticed if we all just keep schtum rather than state that the company is very well priced to provide great returns it goes up..Now watch what will happen now I have posted...

fish lips 14 Dec 2017

Re: slow tick-up Well another day in the blue.

Seagull2 13 Dec 2017

Re: slow tick-up Fingers crossed

fish lips 13 Dec 2017

slow tick-up Interestingly SP has started to tick-up today, so maybe the pressure is starting to build with the MRE coming....

fish lips 05 Dec 2017

Re: Big boys are loading up Yep, over 14% now!Price still drops! Call me a cynic, but perhaps the MMs are driving the price down as well, ready to make a big fat profit when the MRE comes out!

onedb1 05 Dec 2017

Big boys are loading up whilst the little fish off load ? Makes sense Newcrest keeps on increasing [link] the case the buy quietly and at different levels . They know the resource is huge and are getting it right under our noses . IMO cheap

fish lips 04 Dec 2017

Re: Perhaps a silly question, but... It is a tricky one, as I'm sure they had a number of offers, but it's all about what they need to give away at this moment in time. As always it's always a balancing act. I'm sure we could have got a better deal, but a bird in the hand and all that, if there's money there then maybe best to take it.One thing that will always be holding the SP back is the risk regarding Ecuador itself. Although we aren't in the banana republic eras of yesteryear, it's still a big risk that something might happen that scuppers SolGold, given we are years away from production. There'll have to be some sort of deal with government on taxes and all that shenanigans that will all need to be factored into the equations, which I'm sure Mr Mather will be well aware of, as well as the Gold and Copper is a long way down, as they build their BFS.If you look at the Life Cycle Graph, like the one here [link] then we are in the discovery phase. This graph is a pretty reasonable indication of how the SP mirrors the life-cycle. Once the MRE comes out I imagine we'll get a big spike, but it'll come back down again.On all the other prospects out there, although they are good, they all need money, so in the short term, more dilution.All in all I'm pretty confident that we'll see £1 or so in the short/medium term and then perhaps we'll drop off back to these levels, maybe a bit higher over the coming years, but it depends on whether we can get some tailings work knocked up early etc. Exciting times ahead, but it isn't gonna be quick before we hit £10 a share!

fish lips 04 Dec 2017

Development Update out [link]

THE SKULL 30 Nov 2017

Re: Perhaps a silly question, but... Agreed, I think us long term holders were shafted in the short term so SolGold associates/buddies can come in for a feed. I have said and agree they could have done a lot better!!!! Mr.Mather is always mentioning on how great there resources are and the huge potential we have. Notice also all the new discoveries and on time MRE announcements are flowing now that their mates are in the game, at huge discount to recent share highs.As Disorder said......"If one were cynical they may even suggest the news was backed up waiting for the gifting of the funding to complete... But one would have to be cynical to suggest that... "

littleham 30 Nov 2017

Perhaps a silly question, but... The last 2 days RNS has confused me somewhat, wondered if any of you learned folk might be able to offer an explanation to this...If the MRE is due at the end of December, and will confirm what we all know (that they're sat on a LOT of resource), the SP should (should!) fly up - I think everyone on here can agree that's what we're expecting.Why, in that case, would SOLG decide to raise money via a placing before this? Let's say a conservative rise back to 40p happens - those 180M shares they've created are suddenly worth £72M (assuming my maths is correct..!). Alternatively they could raise the same amount by issuing far fewer shares.The added bonus to waiting until after the estimate, is that SOLG is then on everyone's radar, and I imagine they'll be inundated with offers to fulfill such a placing (not that they struggled for this one, I'm sure!).Any ideas on why they didn't wait? It just doesn't make sense to me at all, from my simple POV...!?

Disorder 29 Nov 2017

£45 MILLON "BOUGHT DEAL" SolGold plc("SolGold" or the Company"Admission to the Official List (by way of a Standard Listing)& to trading on the London Stock Exchange's main market for listed securities£45 MILLON "BOUGHT DEAL" PRIVATE PLACEMENT OF ORDINARY SHARESNOT FOR DISTRIBUTION TO UNITED STATES NEWS WIRE SERVICES OR FOR DISSEMINATION TO UNITED STATES SolGold plc (LSE and TSX code: SOLG) is pleased to announce that application has been made for 180,000,000 ordinary shares in SolGold to be admitted to the Official List, by way of a Standard Listing, and to trading on the Main Market. Dealings in the Ordinary Shares are expected to commence at 8.00 a.m. on 30 November 2017.

onedb1 29 Nov 2017

Re: More good news RNS Hi Seagull You are right , more discoveries should lead to higher market cap, As both from a technical and fundamental view I cannot figure it out , I can only presume that given SolGold's size a fund manager may be rebalancing his/her portfolio and had to drop a few on days where liquidity is higher . Should be back retesting 41p if am right . Despite yesterday's price action we once again saw no lower low . Copper after all is forecasted to be very much in demand and supply is limited

Disorder 29 Nov 2017

New Discoveries in Regional Program New Discoveries in Regional ProgramRNS Number : 7854XSolGold PLC29 November 2017 29 November 2017 SolGold plc("SolGold" or the "Company" Promising New Copper Prospects Discovered at the Porvenir and Timbara Projects. The Board of SolGold (AIM code: SOLG) is pleased to provide an update on exploration at its 100% owned Porvenir and Timbara Projects, in Southern Ecuador. The prospect is held in the 100% owned subsidiary Green Rock Resources. HIGHLIGHTS: Ø Outcropping porphyry style copper mineralisation discovered at Porvenir and Timbara. Ø Both projects are of Jurassic age similar to nearby Fruta del Norte, Mirador and Santa Barbara deposits. Ø Results from rock chip samples collected at the Porvenir Project include:· 1.58% Cu in sample R03000587· 4.27% Cu in sample R03000588· 1.30% Cu in sample R03000592 Ø Results from rock chip samples collected during stream reconnaissance at the Timbara Project include:· 2.44% Cu in sample R03000216· 1.59% Cu in sample R03000232· 1.64% Cu in sample R03000221· 1.23% Cu in sample R03000203· 1.00% Cu in sample R03000205 Ø Rock chips at Porvenir Project were identified by following up highly anomalous Cu stream sediment geochemistry over a 6km x 5.5km area. Ø Prospecting at Timbara is at a very early phase with only 1 of 4 concessions prospected thus far. Early rock chip results indicate copper mineralisation over a NE-SW corridor up to 4.5km long x 1.2km wide. References to figures and tables relate to the version of this release visible in PDF format by clicking the link below:[link] Introduction: SolGold is continuing to pursue its strategy to become a tier 1 copper producing company through aggressive exploration of its extensive tenement portfolio in Ecuador. SolGold now has multiple field teams operating, utilising a specialised method of rapid prospect recognition in each of its 4 regional subsidiary companies. Led by highly experienced senior geologists, teams have successfully located copper occurrences in 6 projects indicative of large mineralised porphyry systems. As previously announced, SolGold's technical teams have recently discovered an extensive new corridor of porphyry copper mineralisation at its 100% owned La Hueca Project and now two exciting new mineralised prospects have been discovered at Green Rocks's Porvenir and Timbara Projects located along trend, southwest of the La Hueca Project. Both the Porvenir and Timbara Projects are located in southern Ecuador on the prolific Andean Copper belt which is renowned as the production base for nearly half of the world's copper, (Figure 1). SolGold holds a 100% interest in these two Projects through its Ecuadorean subsidiary company, Green Rock Resources S.A. Both projects are hosted in Ecuador's eastern Jurassic Belt, which contains the Fruta del Norte epithermal gold deposit (14 million ounces gold), the Mirador copper porphyry deposit (3 million tonnes copper) and the Santa Barbara gold-(copper) porphyry deposit (8 million ounces gold). Exploration Activities & Results Four Green Rock field teams have recently been conducting rapid first pass exploration on the Porvenir and Timbara Projects. Exploration activities include stream sediment, panned heavy concentrate and rock chip sampling along with detailed mapping. SolGold's method of rapid evaluation of project areas is again producing exciting early results, establishing new porphyry copper camps for follow-up exploration. Porvenir Project A stream sediment sampling program at the Porvenir Project delineated two geochemical anomalies within the larger 6km x 5.5km stream anomaly, the Derrumbo and Bartolo prospects (Figure 2). Initial follo