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PIE-EATER 19 Jul 2017

IC Comment - SELL [link] of faith in management given fairly neutral stance in an interview with IC just a week ago.....Re-assessing my views. Normally would sell on profit warnings (have a nasty habit of coming in 3s) but did feel this may not be as relevant here as actually increasing market share. Got to be honest not totally sure which way to lean.please DYOR !PE

PIE-EATER 18 Jul 2017

Re: Any idea why the fall in price? Bowmanagree entirely, just thinking that to recover all the losses to 325p will take a while.....perhaps this time next year?

Bowman 18 Jul 2017

Re: Any idea why the fall in price? PE, Agree, the drop from the peak this year is quite large. However looking at the long-term chart would indicate a return to the 270 level would not be unexpected, especially if the dividend is maintained and the results improve from here.

PIE-EATER 18 Jul 2017

Re: Any idea why the fall in price? Forgot.....also down about 30% from peak within last 6 months. Yes, it will take longer to regain this ground but worth considering when looking at longer term picture

PIE-EATER 18 Jul 2017

Re: Any idea why the fall in price? Bowman,Agree it's a potential top UP price as giving near 5% yield and has strong cash generation and increasing market share. Admit this is NOT the news we wanted and may fall a bit further (hence weak buy) but as you say, if you believe in the long term......I think the best word to use on here to describe Steve Birmingham's outlook now is "Focussed"PE

Speculator 73 18 Jul 2017

Re: Any idea why the fall in price? nvm to slow

Speculator 73 18 Jul 2017

Any idea why the fall in price? 10% down today Any particular reason - sorry been out of touch lately due to a house move Regards

PIE-EATER 23 Mar 2017

results Like the confident statement, backed up by 10% + increase in final divi.Will look to market weakness over coming weeks/months to top up....hence only weak buyPE


Liberum: more upside to come Liberum: more upside to come at SafestyleLiberum sees upside Safestyle (SFES), which it believes is strengthening its grip on the double-glazing market.Analyst Charlie Campbell retained his ‘buy’ recommendation and share price target of 335p after a year-end trading update. The shares closed 11p or 3.5% lower at 299.75p.‘Safestyle’s year-end trading update shows that the group ended 2016 well, with profit before tax expected to grow around 14%. Margins improved in 2016 as it successfully recovered higher costs,’ he said.‘Looking forward, management is confident that it can recover another step-up in input costs due to weak sterling as well as other inflation, so that margins are protected. We have left estimates broadly unchanged.‘We still see upside in the shares after their re-rating and highlight the 7% free cash-flow yield, too high for a growing business with strengthening market leadership.’[link]

slipalongtravascous 07 Jan 2017

Henderson Smaller Comps Spec....comment in the Investors Chronicle from Neil Hermon of above seems to like them 'Safestyle is making market share gains, expanding geographically and has weak competition'.

Speculator 73 06 Jan 2017

Happy New year Hi all .. Nice shoot up this week - high at 300p any particular reason for this?Is there something baking in the oven - that I have missed? or is it just a mad rush at the moment just after xmas and this may fall off again?Regards

PIE-EATER 28 Oct 2016

Re: 20p drop in 3 days Interim payment on Monday irrelevant as went XD some time ago.Topped up by 1/3 of holding this morning out of divi received over last couple of months. GLA PE

valuemanbuyer 28 Oct 2016

Re: 20p drop in 3 days I wonder if it's anything to do with Everest's awful results - profits fell from £8m to £2m and change if management . That may have soooked the market. I'm not too worried because we have a large cost advantage and are stealing their business in the south. It mayHowever spell soft demand in the sector .

bushwhacker 27 Oct 2016

Re: 20p drop in 3 days Worse than expected quarterly uk building sector resultsInterim dividend payment monday

PIE-EATER 27 Oct 2016

Re: 20p drop in 3 days Don't know but very close to triggering a top up buy limit for me.