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Speculator 73 27 Oct 2016

20p drop in 3 days Hi All,Any particular reason for the big drop in the share price here? Dropped nearly 21 p in 3 days - can see nothing in the news nor any new RNS's - and the volumes very low volume sales of 33, 176 ... .is this shorting and or otherwise?Any info would be usefulRegards

valuemanbuyer 15 Sep 2016

Results All good other than the +3.3% growth in eps due to dilution from ipo share options. Shame because it spoils an otherwise great set of results from which we benefit little . Hopefully won't be anymore !!

Sambram 15 Sep 2016

Re: Good First Half Zeus update via Research Tree:"Safestyle has announced another set of strong results with revenue growth of 12.8% to £83.5m (HY15: £74.0m) and underlying PBT of £10.6m (HY15: £9.0m) a 17.8% YoY increase. Operationally the business has progressed on all fronts with growth in installed frames, number of installations and average unit price. The conservatory refurbishment business is gaining scale and is on track to achieve its annual target, the structural change towards on-line derived sales continues and the production facility extension is on plan. We leave profit forecasts unchanged in expectation of slightly slower revenue growth in H2, albeit still c. 9%, against tough comparatives and expectations of further cost pressures to come through, particularly in Q4. The FY dividend estimate increases 5.6% to mirror the 10.3% YoY uplift at the interims. Safestyle’s trades on a PER of 13.4x underpinned by structural growth and yields 4.3% with the potential for further special dividends."

Speculator 73 09 Sep 2016

Some Good News They are expanding - which is always a good sign for a company [link]

bushwhacker 08 Sep 2016

Re: Price drop Price will drift over timeThe following dates are of interest15 September 2016 2016 Interim Announcement 30 September 2016 Record date for 2016 interim dividend 31 October 2016 Payment date for 2016 interim dividend

Speculator 73 08 Sep 2016

Re: Price drop Hi,Anyone aware of any news - price has been falling recently - 3% today as I write this - ofcourse apart from the uncertainity of Brexit and pound rising - any other particular reason?Regards

claude reins 16 Aug 2016

Miton reduces holding After a smaller reduction recently, today's announcement takes the holding down substantially. Better value elsewhere? Concerned about cyclical nature of the business, and reduced spending by UK households on SFE's products?

PIE-EATER 19 Jul 2016

Re: Buy or not Short term, what will happen in next 12 months? - Yes a a bit concerned what their outlook will be in 12 months time as this may change significantly from effects of Brexit become more clear. HOWEVER, they are hoovering up market share and longer term (3-5 years) should be in a very strong position.My view is therefore add on the dips. Every time we get a mini wedge from core investment trusts we either look at holdings like SFE, GBG, JHD, TFW, ZYT and see if any have fallen back...if they haven't then we just add to core holding to produce more income next time.GLAPE

valuemanbuyer 19 Jul 2016

Buy or not Sold a good chunk at 275p. Wondering what to do . The economy will dip and sales momentum is likely to fall if consumer confidence falls . However Sfe should benefit from being lowest cost provider . Anyone concerned also ?

bushwhacker 19 Jul 2016

Re: Trading update Excellent news ! Terrible dip caused by Brexit offered a brilliant top up moment, hope all concerned took it. British company, manufacturing in Britain to British customers, no brainer!

PIE-EATER 19 Jul 2016

Re: Trading update Just what was needed

bushwhacker 18 Jul 2016

Trading update Trading update tomorrow. Reported a positive start to the year in the full year results so here's hopeful that that has carried on.Good to see an experienced new member to the board, hope lifestyle grow the same rate Dyson has.

Speculator 73 08 Jul 2016

Re: Going Down Apologies Claude - I already knew about the Brexit and the 100 reasons yourself refer to ... However was wondering if there was anything else that was affecting this - have checked a couple of things and I dont believe that to be the case. Anyway's as things stand - added and added and added .... Now wait for the Boom .... (if ever) Regards

claude reins 06 Jul 2016

Re: Going Down Brexit, market trend in building/housing, likely recession, consumer uncertainty - which of the extra 100 reasons would you like ke to go into next? Great company, wrong time but good one to be in for recovery - if and when the market starts to get some confidence back.

valuemanbuyer 06 Jul 2016

Re: Going Down Brexit ?