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10:48 11/09/2015

the reason to hang aound is to warn off others to keep their money safe and far far away from AB

20:44 10/09/2015

do the maths..every penny in from dilutive placings has gone out theback door in black bin liners marked administrative and unclassified expenses since 2010

20:41 10/09/2015

AB seen at Abbey Road Studios today..recording "tell me lies tell me sweet little lies" with Tom Winnifrith on bavking vocals allegedly

12:57 10/09/2015


09:44 10/09/2015

0.01 coming

16:40 09/09/2015

Must be time for a director's pay rise

16:39 09/09/2015

Where is Omar..surely this must be the most undervalued stock in history...why only the other day Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs were lamenting the state of the RRR's so the way,

16:37 09/09/2015

Where is Tom Winnifrith can't be far away telling us what a wonderful chap AB is...tell us all much have you been paid to watch ABs back?

20:49 07/09/2015 are interacting with AB as if he has any interest in building a real company when, in my opinion. His sole game is to rip off PIs.....look at his business history...go back to Housing Loan Vorporation and his IVA...AB makes money fo himself and his one else

17:16 05/09/2015

TW is, in my opinion in ABs pocket - probably on the payroll too....has helped and protected AB for years