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22:46 20/09/2015

Dear oh dear....poor BSL....SUCH ANGER....why? I think Zumore is on the like AB who is on everyone else's money...but here's a whacky and unifying doesnt matter whether you bought at 16P, 10p. 6p or are still 99% down

19:42 19/09/2015

Follow the money..

19:41 19/09/2015

Focus on the admin and unallocated expenses...follow he money

13:45 18/09/2015

last chance to buy at 0.02

12:48 18/09/2015

Here comes 0.01...1 hundredth of a penny...CRIMINAL VALUE my opinion

11:27 18/09/2015

when shareholders encouraged to sell i always think there is something going on at the backround and bet on it

11:24 18/09/2015

Remember Edison, publishing ABs wet dream, 61.3p per share potential.....

11:22 18/09/2015

i am in at 0.021 and waiting for that bounce GL

11:21 18/09/2015

if you are not a big loss this will bounce.. i still think profit here at this price for new buyers

11:19 18/09/2015

I am deeply concerned for the value of my 1 remaining RRR share