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gretel 29 Dec 2015

Good interview with the new COO Good interview with the new COO here - reads well:[link] King says growth prospects strong for Omega Diagnostics1 December 2015 6.00am. Scottish medical testing firm Omega Diagnostics has revealed new plans to drive long-term growth.The operations of the Alva-based firm have been under review since the appointment of Dundee-based Colin King as chief operating officer in August.Mr King told The Courier he had been pleased by what he had found as much of the operational foundations were already in place. But he was convinced there was still strong growth available to the business in markets such as China and America, particularly for its gut-health products.“Why did I go to Omega from a successful business?” Mr King said.“Well I didn’t join Omega to manage a £12 million to £15m business; I joined because I believe it has real growth potential and is at the bottom of a growth curve.”""Mr Evans said the firm’s automated allergy products were approaching the point where it would become earnings enhancing and progress had been made towards resolving the issues with its flagship CD4 HIV indicating blood test."

Carefully Does It 04 Dec 2015

Re: Oryx [link] hold Source Bio too.

Ambiorix1 04 Dec 2015

Re: Oryx Interesting evolution indeed, but maybe Mr. Mills sees far more than just a to low value for ODX. Cyprotex, (in which Mr. Mills is a major shareholder) just launched ChemTox, a new in silico modelling solution, which predicts genotoxicity and rat LD50 directly from chemical structure. The LD50 is a commonly determined parameter in preclinical toxicity studies, representing the dose that causes death in 50% of the test group.Cyrotex proposes this model as an ethical move to reduce animal toxicity testing but perhaps this new model can be adapted for all kind of toxicity testing and then we get far closer to ODX, specialised in allergies and food testing. This new ‘in silico’ solution is using quantitative structure property relationship (QSPR) modelling, a technique that relates calculable chemical characteristics of a molecule to important properties such as its toxicity. ChemTox can be used as a virtual screening tool prior to chemical synthesis. There are significant cost benefits to this approach as chemTox can be applied as an early stage filter for directing chemistry and prioritising subsequent in vitro screening by taking into account the predicted safety of the molecule. Cyprotex not only provide the in silico predictions but can provide a full tiered screening strategy with safety of the molecules substantiated using a panel of in vitro toxicity assays.We know ODX is developing assays for all kind of allergy and food safety testing, so perhaps some synergies can be developed based on the know-how of Cyprotex. So this could be another explanation for the sudden interest of Mr. Mills in ODX.Ambiorix.

Another Jacko 03 Dec 2015

Oryx I see that Chris Mills has bought a 4% stake through Oryx. I've got a lot of time for him, he's very shrewd so it's good to see he sees value here at the current price.

Another Jacko 30 Nov 2015

Re: Decent H1 results today Hi GretelThat's exactly my feeling Gretel and is the reason I bought a few of these at around the current price.

gretel 30 Nov 2015

Decent H1 results today The current share price is easily justified on the core business alone, which: - is producing around 1.3p EPS - is backed up with a nice cash pile - should continue to grow nicely given the specialisms in growth areas like food intolerance and infectious disease - and the Indian facility is being completed and should provide lower cost productionMeanwhile CD4 and Automated Allergy are in the price for free.

mnbvvvvvvvvvvvcxz 13 Nov 2015

Research report issued 12th Nov Allersys: Good initial customer evaluationThe Allersys range runs on the Immunodiagnostic Systems (IDS) iSYS systemusing modern chemistry and magnetic particles. The challenge is to adjust theaccurate iSYS chemistry to be comparable with the older ImmunoCap chemistry.An initial customer evaluation in Spain on 10 allergens with 400 samples showed alinear relationship with ImmunoCap. An Italian study is expected to start soon.There are now 36 optimised allergens with 26 fully verified; 40 are being targetedfor launch. IDS’s partners have developed autoimmune tests that run on iSYS andcomplement allergy tests. We assume sales starting in FY17.

mnbvvvvvvvvvvvcxz 13 Jul 2015

stability issues Looks like the problem in Kenya was caused by the deterioration of the tests.Five weeks at room temperature is a very short period of time. Sadle this is going to take months and months to resolve just because of the time factor.We are looking at this time next year perhaps. Meanwhile the Allergy tests on the Immuno Diagnostics machine look more promising. Certainly IDS need the revenue as their sales have fallen 14% so maybe this will be the silver lining to this serious cloud.

The Specialist 08 Jun 2015

Buying more on the dip Buying at around 24p offer right now

mnbvvvvvvvvvvvcxz 05 Jun 2015

sellers v buyera Looking at the trades there appears to be consitent buying in block of 5000 -25000 shareswhereas the sellers are irregular amounts.This suggests someone is building up a holding as is confirmed by today's announcement re Mr. Sneller. The question beco,es is this book buillding exercise is done by an investor or another firm that wants to take over the company using proxies.Certainly looking at those selling up for a quick profit of pence per share cannot see the same potential as The Professional and myself so each little rise tempts more of them out of the woodwork happy with a couple of hundred quid profit, while someone is mopping up the shares as they gently rise. Still recent rises have floated me upwards.

The Specialist 05 Jun 2015

Re: FAO The Specialist Bring it on. I am definitely not him but I hold over 300,000 shares but under 1m. I got in from 13p and have bought more throughout and have an average of around 17,5p. Very happy with the situation and feel the upside is very significant here. You were unlucky to get in at 35p but once CD$ is commercialised and I believe it will then you are also sitting on a 2 or 3 bagger.

mnbvvvvvvvvvvvcxz 05 Jun 2015

Re: FAO The Specialist If you are not this gentleman that's even better news. The management and insiders own 17.91% Institutions and large shareholders own 56.68%.So some 73% of ownership is not really on the market that makes about 30,000,000 shares with the little guys like us. So if you hold 300,000 you control approx 1% of the free float that's a great position to be in almost as if your investment was highly geared.At 50p you double your money from this point, pity about the 40% capital gains unless you hold in a SIPP or ISA.Roll on the positive news flow AGM july should have some more updates.

The Specialist 05 Jun 2015

Re: FAO The Specialist Unfortunately your analysis is wrong and I am not him. However, I still hold a substantial holding but not that big. Meanwhile given your superficial analysis, I now have more confidence that I am right and we are likely to see this stock nearer to my PT of 80-100p within 2 years. It is irrelevant who delayed CD4 has been as that is in the price. What is important is the future and if CD4 moves towards commercialisation and you can be sure that NGO's will be interested in buying it, then the upside of 80-100p that I am quoting is based on 7m unit sales and market PE's once it feeds through the financials. Lots of ifs and buts still but this is where the sahres are going in my view.

mnbvvvvvvvvvvvcxz 05 Jun 2015

FAO The Specialist We now know who you are as predicted. As the largest private investor with >4% you have to declare your interest no wonder you call yourself The Specialist here's your cv c/o BloombergMr. Richard Edgar Sneller is a Partner since 2004, Head of Emerging Markets Equity Team, and Portfolio Manager at Baillie Gifford & Co. Mr. Sneller joined the firm in 1994, covers the emerging markets, and is a member of the investment advisory group and the emerging markets investment advisory group. He is a Partner and Portfolio Manager of Baillie Gifford & Co. Ltd. Mr. Sneller is an Investment Manager in the emerging markets investment team. He is responsible for investment management at Guardian Baillie Gifford Limited, Baillie Gifford Overseas Limited, and Baillie Gifford Life Limited. Mr. Sneller earned a M.Sc. in Investment Analysis from Stirling University in 1994 and a B.Sc.(Econ) in Statistics from the London School of Economics in 1993.

mnbvvvvvvvvvvvcxz 04 Jun 2015

Re: CD4 to commercialise in 2015 We have been here many times. It's orders and contracts that matter. Commercialisation is one thing getting a UN, World Health or Government contract to buy so many units. Private sales will not create the momentum you expect. Commercialisation is three years behind the original schedule. I expect we will find out your identity when you cross the 3% holding level. I bought into the story at 35p still waiting to return to original level. Much disappointment I hold quite a few as well. still under water.