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up protherics 02 Jun 2018

Re: HIV test sales could be Maybe cd4 will be sold off. It must be worth at least ten million.That would allow omega to focus on allergens and food tolerance whilst also giving them financial stability.It should also add to shareholder value in terms of increasing the sha

Carefully Does It 24 May 2018

Re: HIV test sales could be I came to exactly that conclusion too. Someone has to do it, it's worthwhile, but probably not very lucrative per sale and therefore risk with limited financial payback. Social payback, absolutely.This bothered me from recent CD4 news release, "feasibility testing" (It should be past that) and "acceptable performance" (what precisely does that mean, how accurate, what miss rate? 1 in 100 miss, or what? Is it 100% accurate, I guess not)."The Company confirms that results from feasibility testing show acceptable performance against design goals and accordingly, the Company has progressed into a formal optimisation phase within its design control programme."

pharmaspecialist 23 May 2018

Re: HIV test sales could be Yes Carefully Does It, I would guess that the margins on the HIV test are likely to be quite low to make it affordable to the organisations in developing countries, such as Nigeria, which will be buying them. The company should be congratulated on developing a cheap and rapid method for assessing HIV infected patients even though it is unlikely to make much commercial sense.

up protherics 23 May 2018

future Personally I can see the share price manipulated down to facilitate either a merger or takeover. What ever happens from here you can guarantee that the only people to benefit will be the chosen few.. I.E the largest holders.No doubt they will all be patting each other on the back soon saying how clever they have been....Wonderful thing insider deals aren't they.. Maybe they could all apply for American citizen ship as they would be well suited over there under the current row gen

up protherics 23 May 2018

investors evening I see the investors evening was a huge success..They really do not inspire confidence... I may be missing something, but didn't they say they would post the slides on their web site.If they are there they are well hidden.I,D be interested in any ones view on the presentation if they attended

Carefully Does It 22 May 2018

Re: HIV test sales could be Guess the margins will be low?

gretel 22 May 2018

HIV test sales could be "millions" New article in the Scottish Herald - sales of the HIV test "could run into millions":[link] biotechnology firm hails progress made with HIV test4 hrs ago""The Clackmannanshire-based biotechnology firm said feasibility testing of a device for identifying people with particularly low white blood cell counts has been successful, increasing confidence in the potential of a product for which there is a significant need. Chief executive Colin King said the company was developing the product at the request of large non-governmental organisations, including MSF, working in poor communities in areas such as Asia and Africa. He said the NGOs saw particular value in monitoring for cases of advanced cases of HIV as the patients concerned could be at risk of contracting other diseases. The device is designed to give quick results, without people working in remote locations having to send samples off to laboratories. Mr King said sales of such a device could run into millions. Aim-listed Omega hopes to have the product ready for commercial launch by the end of the current financial year. The company needs to complete two further stages in the development process, including testing the materials and components it would expect to use in the finished products and submitting the devices for external tests. The devices are designed to identify people with lower than 200 CD4+ T cells per microlitre of blood. A healthy individual will have a CD4 count somewhere between 500 and 1,500. In November Omega won clearance to sell a version of the Visitect CD4 test on a business to business basis in the EU. The version can help identify people with a CD count below 350, who may benefit from anti-retroviral treatment. The company has applied to sell the devices in five African countries including Nigeria with six more applications in preparation. It has appointed a distributor to sell them in Nigeria. Omega spent years developing Visitect, which it has described as the world’s first instrument-free and affordable rapid test for determining CD4 threshold in people living with HIV."

mnbvvvvvvvvvvvcxz 21 May 2018

Re: Good RNS re CD4 today Investors meeting tonight.Management to explain strategy invite says no new information to be announced. Slide presentation on website shortly after.They are trying to stabilise and talk up the situation. Unfortunately thr meeting is in London by invitation only. Not worth the journey for a provincial like me.

gretel 21 May 2018

Good RNS re CD4 today [link] to see CD4 progressing without any further mishaps.And also the hint that "further announcements" are in the air "as we bring this product to market".At last ))

gretel 23 Apr 2018

Richard Sneller now up to 19% Nice ))Sneller must have been buying the whatever out of ODX at the lows. Today's RNS shows him with a whopping 19%- worth over £3m - and he must have bought over another 6m shares in the last few days. [link] great to see the CEO and FD buying too - the CEO's buy has also just been announced..

The Specialist 23 Apr 2018

Move today Price being nicely manipulated upwards with FD buying around £16k worth of shares which in the context is irrelevant but very important psychologically as it has the shares in a new trading range of 14-20 as opposed to 9-12p. Well done - Sneller must have given the advice - If CD4 is commercialised to its full potential then we should see 50-60p range in 24 months.

mnbvvvvvvvvvvvcxz 19 Apr 2018

Jam tomorrow lowest price ever. Today the BBC reported that Malaria was on the increase! The Melinda and Bill Gates foundation announced increased funding for fighting Malaria. Last week the Pune malaria test manufacturing place was announced for closure. It lost £400,000 in its first year of operation and would continue its cash burn into the future. So it's investment is to be written off.It all makes sense except for the news on the fight against Malaria- tests should be part of it. So someone has got to be interested in the Pune setup. There's a deal to be done for anyone with a brain.

up protherics 12 Apr 2018

Re: No Buyers Re: trade volume So why hasn't any major shareholder sold..One such holder has lost a million and the other one who is connected half a million.There is no way that these holders did not know that this was coming ..

biswell2 12 Apr 2018

Re: No Buyers Re: trade volume Why would IDS want to buy this ?What they had did not sell over their platformI think the spiv brigade have more sense and will spend their money elsewhereWhat ODX had was one reasonable selling line.The rest was losing it money and what now is in the pipeline looks like doing the sameThe BOD had lost the plot

biswell2 11 Apr 2018

No Buyers Re: trade volume ODX have £100k cash leftExpect a loan note deal soon say at 10p since some of the holders have paid well in excess for their stakes thus farbest of luck , I don't like this