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Retec 12 Feb 2016

As Jamie Lawson Said >>> I wasn't expecting that..................... What a bunch of crooks those directors are

Nige the snake 12 Feb 2016

suspension end of money down the p

fish lips 11 Feb 2016

Re: Wow! you're lucky mine is worth 23p...Looks like it will die soon. Then someone will pick up the pieces for buttons and then make a mint. Although the board has already made a mint, as they've bought naff all shares will lose nothing.It is a great product just rubbish execution, management, especailly around the long drawn out CCAN saga, and poor understanding of how to get things delivered to the market. It was a punt and, sadly, lost a few grand on this one.

Jimothy 11 Feb 2016

Wow! Blimey, a 100% rise this morning! My shares are worth over a pound again! Just another few thousand percent to go and I will be out of this straight jacket....

Droid#1 05 Feb 2016

Re: Hopeless I'm so glad I only dipped my toe in on this. Sounds like they will keep to AIM rules and manage to get another Nomad but how long before this gives up the ghost?

Retec 05 Feb 2016

Re: Hopeless I'm just holding because to be honest... the million shares I have are worth less than the wear on my shoes used to fetch the phone to sell them...How can these guys just keep diluting the shares making all private investors holdings worth nothing.... Nobody seems to have any morals anymore, no wonder the country is in the state it's in with v v ankers like this lot in positions of responsibility... it's just the 'I'm all right Jack' attitude.Good luck to all those who'd made the same mistake I did..

philwad 01 Feb 2016

Re: MTV up 8% Probably down more than that today, as usual!!Motive announces that it was served notice of Sanlam Securities UK Limited's ("Sanlam" intention to cease its nominated adviser and small cap broking activities in late 2015. Consequently, Sanlam will cease to be the Company's nominated adviser on 14 February 2016. The Company is in discussion with several replacement nominated advisers and hopes to announce a replacement shortly.However, if the Company fails to appoint a replacement nominated adviser within one month of the date of Sanlam's resignation, admission of the Company's shares to trading on AIM will be cancelled. Chairman Michael Pilsworth said: "It is unfortunate timing that following the agreement by the company's CLN holders to extend the maturity date of the CLNs and the recent progress in the Company's trading activities Sanlam has decided to cease its Nomad activities and give us notice. We are in active discussions with a number of potential replacement Nominated Advisers and are confident that one will be appointed shortly."

bomber64 29 Jan 2016


Droid#1 12 Nov 2015

Look at our.. New show case product so eagerly awaited its wiped another 20% off the SP today! Well done guys!

jump22 09 Nov 2015

There is an article on slashdot, that mentions a new set top box mandate, the idea being people are paying to rent multiple Set top boxes, where 1 device they own out right would be much better, does anyone think MTV, can exploit this market area?

wanting_to_know 04 Nov 2015

BoD Resignaton Doesn't inspire market confidence !At least it cuts management expenses ... unless he has been rewarded with a golden parachute !

bullbeatsbear 04 Nov 2015

remember the picture of the ipad playing live tv outside the apple shop anyone? ..... disgraceful!!!!

bullbeatsbear 04 Nov 2015

Len is full of sh** - his mutterings are carefully designed not to say too much but to make you buy more stock thinking that it will bag.......wake up ppl he has done it too often to fall for it again surely?

bullbeatsbear 04 Nov 2015

Re: MTV Stream Log what a muppet

bullbeatsbear 04 Nov 2015

2 gone in a matter of weeks - who will want to be associated with this pos when it finally goes under!!!!! no wonder they are leaving at an alarming rate - theyve made their money and are now moving onto the next cash cow