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TX2 21 Jul 2017

Re: Contrarian. We may not see many new large investors unless they are UK based as overseas based funds are not required to disclose unless they have 5% or more,which is now a fair chunk, unlike UK funds which have a 3% disclosure threshold.Crystal Ambers disclosure will of course show a fall in % share holding due to the increase in total shares.

aquarian 21 Jul 2017

Re: Contrarian. Good to see your confidence in adding to your pension pot, Flossoffa. Although, at my time of life, the five year wait for the post EPS period maybe pushing it!So, all resolutions passed, and the general reports back from the GM sound fairly positive. Robert Trice has said that there are no further drilling plans any time soon. Although I thought they had to re-visit Halifax to finish things there. So maybe it will wait until the EPS is underway.I'm hoping that the deluge of new shares to the market on Monday, and the shareprice depression as a consequence, is largely already built in now. I'm sure the FID announcement will be very soon, and the knowledge of the names of the new (or not) big investors will begin to re-build confidence here. Let's hope for better times ahead now that all the drama of funding is behind us, and the only way from here is EPS and actual production.Have a good weekend all.

Happy To Learn 21 Jul 2017

RNS All resolutions passed.All the best.HTL[link]

Flossoffa 21 Jul 2017

Re: Contrarian. I had some cash sitting idle in my pension fund, so decided to add another tranche at 30p or so. Pension Funds are long term investments and a highly tax efficient way to hand on to the next generation, so even 5 years is quite short term on that timescale. But 5 years could transform HUR as by then the EPS will be hisFlory

Happy To Learn 21 Jul 2017

Contrarian. Hi Everyone,Pretty comprehensive article on HUR and where it is currently. It should give any prospective investors a pretty confident view of the company, imo.All the best.HTL[link]

aquarian 19 Jul 2017

Thanks missdosh on LSE. [link] I find it difficult to believe all those big contributors to the recent funding will be happy not to see any shareprice movement for the next eighteen months or so, as per this article!

high blood pressure1 19 Jul 2017

Nipped in here for the first time I like this entry price, considering the value of what's in the ground discovered so far and the manageable debt issued. I think 30p is a pretty safe bet for a good 5-10% return quickly

Johandesilva 19 Jul 2017

Re: talking of false floors... Often the issue in these discussions is between traders whose time scale differ somewhat from long term investors who have more of a 5-year view.This is the greatest story in UKCS and I am proud to be part of it.

kolwezimundele 19 Jul 2017

Re: talking of false floors... Indeed, but people also said there was no hurry with getting into Sirius Minerals - and that went from 18p to 34p. Sometimes investors just want to be part of a good solid prospect....

Happy To Learn 18 Jul 2017

Re: talking of false floors... Fifty's nifty. A pound is sound. Five pound will do me just nicely, then I might sell, lol.All the best.

GC Trader 18 Jul 2017

talking of false floors... I wonder how many of those 'hard done by' (at the time) private shareholders will approve and subscribe for the offer of shares @ 32p now when the current bid is 28p on the open market...General Meeting3. Pre-emptive offering''The Company is grateful for the support of all its Shareholders and is very mindful that the Placing represents significant dilution to Shareholders. It has not been practical to incorporate a pre-emptive offer to all Shareholders as part of the Fundraising, primarily because such an offer requires a prospectus to be approved by the United Kingdom Listing Authority, the timing of which was not compatible with FID in summer 2017. The Company is therefore proposing to make a follow-on offering of Ordinary Shares to all Shareholders (as at close of business on 29 June 2017).The follow-on offering will be carried out at the Placing Price and will seek to raise up to US$5 million. It will be subject to obtaining requisite shareholder approvals and to further structuring and detailed terms and conditions. The Company intends to provide further details in regard to this in due course.''anyway...with nigh on 2 billion shares about to hit the market and nigh on 2 years of extensive capital spend and engineering works prior to achieving a drop of first oil and then a further 2 years worth of steady uninterrupted production until reaching project finance pay back and break even notwithstanding any further operational field expense or GLA activities one could be forgiven for thinking...what's the the slogan once said...20's plenty... TVOR... no hindsight... just offering up some bulletproof T-Shirt reality...

Georgie Boywonder 18 Jul 2017

Re: I out Moved over to UKOG same as here but on land and only 4 to 6m a well no brainer really>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sold the majority of my ukog today and wish you luck. (could not ignore 250%)When asking one of the wealthiest men in the world, how he made his money,the answer was "I always sold everything too early "The slightest bad news on ukog and I have to admit, it would be a tempting short,but not necessarily wishing for that, and it appears to have legs at the moment.Incidentally the published (declared) short positions here, do not appear to have changed dramatically recently.[link] to agree with GC, false floors can be tricky for anyone who thinks ii's do not swing both ways.Still wish the best of British for HUR though.

hopetown 18 Jul 2017

Re: brokers value Nice synopsis. Think I will hold.

tommytomata 18 Jul 2017

brokers value I have said this before You and i could be a broker No qualifications needed just a little knowledge And you know what they say about that.All they have at there disposal is the same as you and i nothing more nothing less. A broker is just another name for a tipster or punter Gather some info and punt. If they get it right brilliant if not try another share. Take any 10 shares you like and see the brokers tips and i bet there a mile out. I have Chariot,Vertu , Parkmead Now look at them. Still tipping them to be buys in the future but if you can hold on another 5.10.15 years you might be quids in.Buy a mouse get the FT see which shares the mouse poo's and buy the lot. It will work just the same.

ALAGUSAM 18 Jul 2017

I out Moved over to UKOG same as here but on land and only 4 to 6m a well no brainer really