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carliol 23 Jun 2018

The World Cup Hello Happy to Learn, Comparing football as it is now to when we played is like comparing chalk with cheese. Today’s snowflakes wouldn’t last five minutes with a leather ball and a leather lace. I recall playing in a match in the Lake District. It had been snowing. There was a slight thaw and the pitch was in between a quagmire and a lake. It started snowing heavily at half time but we played the full 90 mins. We came off the pitch absolutely exhausted and we were soaked to the skin. There were no changing rooms and our cloths were wet wet wet. We then got the bus home and we were still wet through. It took about an hour and when we got back to town we still had to walk about a mile to get home. No parents cars waiting for us in those days. What happened when I got home? I was told off for being late and not winning the match. If young snowflake players now had to play in these conditions, the coaches and parents would have a serious problem because I’m sure they would get a visit from the authorities. That’s what it was like in the 1950s. We were tough and resilient and survived. The tough life we had has young kids served us well over the years and did us no harm whatsoever. Carliol

Happy_To_Learn 23 Jun 2018

The World Cup Hi Everyone, As it is the weekend, a bit of light relief. I presume that we have all been watching the World Cup matches. Just a quick observation. Why is it that something like 90% of distance shots on goal, are at least six feet over the bar. Are they filling the balls with helium these days? In my day if you headed a football, you generally ended up with concussion, lol. Bring back leather balls, pumped up with a bicycle pump. At least they will keep it on the ground. All the best. HTL

Happy_To_Learn 23 Jun 2018

HUR - Shipwatching Hi wessexmario, Many thanks for that, as one of life’s eternal optimists…………, lol. Just a matter of time. All the best. HTL

wessexmario 23 Jun 2018

HUR - Shipwatching Happy_To_Learn: I wonder if she is towing a big yellow thing behind her? As she didn’t stop at Lerwick where the yellow thing is, probably not.

carliol 23 Jun 2018

Oil Prices Soar Following OPEC Meeting Hi All, Another news item re OPEC. What effect any increase in production will have on the price of oil remains to be seen. CNBC Oil prices soar following OPEC meeting Jim Iuorio, TJM Institutional Services managing director, and Bob Iaccino, Path Trading Partners chief market strategist, discuss why crude prices are soaring following OPEC's decision to hike oil production. Carliol

carliol 23 Jun 2018

OPEC Meets Russia Hi All, OPEC have met the Russians to agree output boost but don’t say how much the increase will be. Perhaps, reading between the lines, what they are really saying is that there isn’t much spare capacity for any significant increases in production. There’s been a severe fall in exploration and development work recently and sooner or later this will have a severe effect on the price of oil. U.S. – 23 Jun 18 OPEC meets Russia, other allies to agree oil output boost OPEC is meeting Russia and other oil-producing allies on Saturday to clinch a new deal raising output, a day after agreeing a production hike within the group itself but confusing the market as to how much more oil it will pump. Carliol

Happy_To_Learn 23 Jun 2018

HUR - Shipwatching Hi Everyone, “Normand prosper” (tug) on her way to Lancaster. I wonder if she is towing a big yellow thing behind her? Have a great weekend. All the best. HTL [[link] [[link]

carliol 23 Jun 2018

Edison Research - Lancaster EPS - 100% Chance of Commercial Success Good Morning All, Edison very confident of the commercial success of the EPS on Lancaster. This means that Dr Trice’s confidence in naturally fractured basement reservoirs to deliver expected production will be proven. Once proven, the predators will start to circle Hurricane and a bidding war could ensue. Where the share price will end up is anyone’s guess but I am confident it will be many multiples of today’s price. Edison Investment Research Limited: Edison issues outlook on Hurricane Energy... Edison Investment Research LimitedEdison Investment Research Limited: Edison issues outlook on Hurricane Energy (HUR) 11-Jun-2018 / 10:57 GMT/BSTLondon, UK,... Carliol

riverside_red 22 Jun 2018

HUR - Shipwatching I doubt the NI will do the towing, she is more likely to be used for connecting up the mooring lines, with the buoy being held in place by a couple of tugs. The Feistein is a supply vessel, used for ferrying stores not towing buoys.

wessexmario 21 Jun 2018

HUR - Shipwatching Normand Installer has been working at the east mooring point for the last 12 hours, so unlikely that she has the buoy in tow.

wessexmario 20 Jun 2018

HUR - Shipwatching From the way that Ni took off from Lerwick, I don’t think she was towing the buoy. There had been no movement towards the berth where the buoy was tied up. We’ll soon see though, if she doesn’t head directly to the buoy mooring position at 60.180,-3.870 then she won’t have been towing the buoy. I can’t see them taking the buoy on a tour of the site if there is other work to do before it can be hooked up to the moorings, far safer to leave it in Lerwick until it can be directly secured.

carliol 20 Jun 2018

During the Last Hour of Trading Hello Happy to Learn, Good find, Perhaps the movers and shakers are beginning to wake up and realise the potential companies such as Hurricane have. With Hurricane having 2.60 billion boe in 2P & 2C reserves and resources we must be the most undervalued oil company on the UK market. What tends to get overlooked is the Warwick Oilfield which has 935 million boe at P50 prospective resources. I recall reading that the Lancaster EPS has a 100% chance of success in a recently published note from Edison. The following is the copy and paste of the Edison note. I don’t think it does any harm to have another read of it. Edison Investment Research Limited: Edison issues outlook on Hurricane Energy... Edison Investment Research LimitedEdison Investment Research Limited: Edison issues outlook on Hurricane Energy (HUR) 11-Jun-2018 / 10:57 GMT/BSTLondon, UK,... Carliol

Happy_To_Learn 20 Jun 2018

During the Last Hour of Trading Hi carliol, The following article might have something to do with the late rise. Plenty of investors keep a close eye on what the “Hedgies” are doing. However, it would be nice if it was because of what HUR are achieving and the professionalism displayed by the people involved. All the best. HTL [link]

Adelaide 20 Jun 2018

During the Last Hour of Trading carliol: Hi All, During the last hour of trading the share price went vertical! There didn’t appear to be any logical reason for the sharp increase in the share price. The price of Brent crude had fallen sharply in the last hour of trading. There was no RNS issued. Hurricane closed at 47p, an increase of 1.76p on the day which represented an increase of 3.89%. Not that I’m complaining! Perhaps there’s been a news leak? Maybe we’ll get an RNS tomorrow morning? Carliol Immupharma shot up at exactly the same time. Perhaps there is a merger on the cards. Lol

philjones001 20 Jun 2018

HUR - Shipwatching Normand Installer now 20 nm west of Shetland, en route to PBLjnr @7.8 knts…presumably towing Large, Yellow Buoy! (18.00hr)