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Ripley94 08 Nov 2018

LSE:HDD I am sorry prior i saw your post ( i am in this one hdd ) And saw the massive rise for HDY ( Hardy oil , not in that one lol ) on London south east list of risers … and can see now confused them .

theprior 08 Nov 2018

LSE:HDD I paid 135, currently showing on GF as 140, so I don’t know where you’re looking for your 120%, R94? TP

Ripley94 08 Nov 2018

LSE:HDD HDD… XXXXX Well i hope that was early today prior it seems to have taken off at midday . Up 120 % but 60% spread .

theprior 08 Nov 2018

LSE:HDD Had another top up today. Really can’t stay at this level for much longer. Good time to average down for me. HDD has a niche product in an ever environmentally aware market. Chromium is being outlawed universally and there really isn’t any other coating that comes anywhere near Hardide. TP

nest_of_rampers 11 Oct 2018

LSE:HDD Gordini Benetino what the F*** has gone on here ?

steve2 10 Oct 2018

LSE:HDD Or bodycote etc.

nest_of_rampers 10 Oct 2018

LSE:HDD I think they are a sitting Duck for a big firm like Shluberger / BOAC …

theprior 10 Oct 2018

LSE:HDD Good move, NoR, the more the merrier. I’m sure the continued development of the current operation will reward us eventually. Adoption of the processes by larger companies, and the (slow) ramping up of production capability will pay off in the end, particularly if they commission more reactors soon! New one coming on stream soon.

nest_of_rampers 10 Oct 2018

LSE:HDD I introduced my investment club to HDD , they have decided to buy in . So Phil Kirkham please get the SP moving ( UP) fast as you like.

jimonegbr 26 Sep 2018

LSE:HDD Well that 22222 was mine

theprior 26 Sep 2018

LSE:HDD Unfortunately not,Jim, I tend to deal in tranches of around £500 when I top up. See any buys of around 2.5k shares?? TP

jimonegbr 26 Sep 2018

LSE:HDD Was that your 1 Mill share buy TP ???

theprior 21 Sep 2018

LSE:HDD Peeps after quick money these days, R94. No respect for the true long term potential of a company and are not prepared to wait. HDD isn’t going to rocket any time soon but they’ve got a brilliantly product, a full order book, healthy margins, Airbus and other aerospace approvals gained, and a backer with deep pockets. That is set against production limitations due to available roaster space and the long lead time for additional furnaces. So it’s going to take a while for production capacity to catch up with demand. But their is a new furnace due to be installed before year end. Still a “BUY” for me, and I’m adding o dips such as these.

nickylauda1 20 Sep 2018

Interview with Philip Kirkham

Ripley94 20 Sep 2018

LSE:HDD HDD… XXXXX Dropped 10 % today now 1.75p