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theprior 11 Nov 2019

Latest News Patient news today. All strengthening HDD’s portfolio of patents and future proofing their products. More orders will flow from this turbine blade protection. TP

nest_of_rampers 18 Oct 2019

LSE:HDD I don’t see why large manufactures are going to allow HDD to stay independent , I see a TO in the wings. More orders more cash , no chance of going under at this rate.

Ripley94 14 Oct 2019

LSE:HDD HDD… XXXX Just look on ( D ) i see i did slice this @ 75.5p on 22nd Aug above … it has not been as good as that since . But sells @ 74p today .

Ripley94 22 Aug 2019

LSE:HDD HDD… XXXX Was trying to slice top up yesterday @ 75p got 75.5p @ 8.30am when i came in from garden . LSE shows deals all at 75.5p as unknown and this is money has a blank . not seen that before hiding info … city crocks .

theprior 21 Aug 2019

LSE:HDD Yes, R94, the market is slow to recognise game changing progress. Today’s news of 3 new roasters coming online next year makes a massive difference to costing capacity both in Uk and Us. With capacity comes revenue! Mind blowing potential here. TP

Ripley94 21 Aug 2019

LSE:HDD HDD… XXXX Been creasing up after a gap up a wile back now 75p

nest_of_rampers 14 Aug 2019

Latest News Someone knew something back in April [link]

nest_of_rampers 12 Aug 2019

Latest News (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

theprior 12 Aug 2019

Latest News Will be interesting to see where they are in a years time, hopefully a very much higher sp! TP

nest_of_rampers 12 Aug 2019

Latest News Frustrating thing Re HDD is that their clients want secrecy , I suppose that is for military reasons in some cases ? I suspect HDD will be gone within a year . Far too tempting and cheap . Haliburton type of target .

theprior 12 Aug 2019

Latest News News we’ve been waiting for for a long time. Hopefully first of many order for airbus As long as they continue to increase capacity I’m sure the orders will continue to roll in. TP

nest_of_rampers 12 Aug 2019

Latest News Up 18 % ATM this is good , HDD is worth a fortune and should be bought out IMO. (“Hardide” or “the Group” or “the Company”) Hardide selected for Airbus A330 wing components Hardide (AIM: HDD), the developer and provider of advanced surface coating technology, is pleased to announce that its Hardide-A coating has been selected as the replacement for hard chrome plating (HCP) on Airbus A330 compression flap pads. Hardide-A has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the aerospace industry; it is a hard wearing, quality product, environmentally compliant with demonstrable long-term performance qualities.

theprior 08 Jul 2019

Latest News Another big order announced today which will make use of recently installed capacity in the US. Just need to add in more aero orders and we’re ready for take off !! TP

theprior 15 May 2019

Latest News I think the most attractive facet of Hardide’s erformance is the profit margin ! Very high and will drive cash generation going forward TP

theprior 14 May 2019

Latest News Pity the market hasn’t yet cottoned on to the significance of today s news. Maybe overshadowed by the interims, which were overall very good but some may have been spooked by increased losses. Not me, I see this as very positive. HDD set for gteat things, very soon. Luck all, TP