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FunTech 23 Oct 2015

Someone knows something ? Funny timing for my comments .. today shareprice up 25% ... seems like someone somewhere knows something

FunTech 23 Oct 2015

Revenue Anybody have any visability on Revenues ?The average revenue over the past 7 years was about GBP 2m and now with falling oil prices and the oil industry cutting investments/costs, that seems to mean less demand for valves and potentially less demand for HDD services from the oil industry. Other industries "could" make up some of this revenue loss, but what industry and with how much revenue. I haven't seen any indication how much revenue could come from Boeing products. Does anybody see HDD increasing revenue ?Currently profit as a % of Revenue are tiny, resulting in a share Price Earnings Ratio (PER) of about "100 times" which is way off the mark for an investor. 10 times is the investor standard.Revenue has been stagnant for such a long time and this new US plant will most likely take a long time to increase revenue (just based on our UK experience). If management don't give visability on revenues increasing, this shareprice could very well fall to around 2 or below, which might then be a fair price. Very sad for such a great product, but unfortunately very likely.Thoughts ?FunTech

Elena Saratov 03 Oct 2015

Re: Velan adopts Hardide nanostructured coat... nickylauda1,Very good find. Well worth reading the whole document.At the current SP this is a very good investment.

nickylauda1 29 Sep 2015

Velan adopts Hardide nanostructured coating [link] page 15 to page 18

Cmintball 20 Aug 2015

who did what? another drop in price, Is this just whole market going down? Will airbus ever become a valuable contract? Was the opening of the US plant premature? Is there hope of seeing even 5p

Madoff Jnr 18 Jun 2015

elena.....and all/ Yes good point..... probably just a bit of tree shaking....? looking forward to new plant facility opening-hopefully a share price moverglaMadoff j