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ripley94 06 Sep 2019

Noticed this when i traced back what i was doing on 2nd August 2016 .. KRS buy ( T ) ... looks like this was a total loss ?

ripley94 06 Sep 2019

Noticed this when i traced back what i was doing on 2nd August 2016 .. KRS buy ( T ) ... looks like this was a total loss ?

Ripley94 03 Aug 2016

noticed shares showing as sold today ? doesn't look like i got anything for them is this the case ?

Gragas 12 May 2016

Caza Consolidation Well well well, all those financial sections in the papers, Moneyweek etc etc trumpeting the death but-to-let. It your put your cash in a nasty little flat somewhere instead of Caza, you could still eithe

5 Iron 14 Apr 2016

Life lessons Being wiped out here following being wiped out at Afren and several others over the last couple of years not to mention the current nightmare at GKP. Why didn't I stick with premium bonds? Horses, Poker or Casino would have given a better return and a lot more fun! Legalised theft, this stock market - nothing less!

SierraBravo 14 Apr 2016

Re: To GENUINE investors/traders Indy,If it is private and there is no market for your "lock in" then you should be able to agree with HMRC that they have a negligable value.You can then be treated as having sold and bought back at that price to crystallise the loss and use in the normal manner.This might be of some help.[link]

SierraBravo 07 Apr 2016

Re: End of the Line So the few quid for conversion of the USD to GBP will likely wipe out the consideration

Kingel 07 Apr 2016

Re: End of the Line Caza Oil and Gas Inc - Your holding of 6,071 SharesShare Consolidation & Delisting - Important information that requires your attention What is happening? We write to you as a holder of Caza Oil and Gas Inc Shares within your Vantage Stocks & Shares ISA. The Board of the Company has proposed a consolidation of its Share Capital. Under the terms of the consolidation every 560,000,000 Shares in issue will be consolidated and replaced by one new Share. At present approximately 95% of the Caza Oil and Gas Shares in issue are owned by Talara Opportunities V LP (‘Talara’. The Consolidation will result in Talara becoming the only registered holder of Caza Oil and Gas Shares, although a number of those Shares will be held on behalf of certain Management of Caza Oil and Gas. As a result of the Share Consolidation you will cease to be a Shareholder in Caza Oil and Gas. Will I receive any consideration for my Shares? Under the terms of the Consolidation Shareholders will receive the following in place of each existing Caza Oil and Gas Share cancelled due to the Consolidation: US$0.00481 in cash in place of each Caza Oil & Gas Share held Please note that any cash proceeds received will be initially paid in US Dollars and will then be converted into Sterling based on the prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment, subject to our standard currency service fees. When will the Consolidation become effective? It is expected that the Share Consolidation will be effected on or after 10 May 2016. In advance of the Consolidation completing the Company is also proposing to delist Caza Oil and Gas Shares from the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) with effect from 7.00am on 10 May 2016. If you wish to sell your Shares in the market before the Consolidation and Delisting takes place you must do so before close of business on 9 May 2016. Please note that although Hargreaves Lansdown will endeavour to sell your Shares it may not be possible to sell all, or even any, of your Shares if a market for the Shares no longer exists. Both the Consolidation and Delisting require Shareholder Approval. Talara owns approximately 95% of the Caza Oil and Gas Shares in issue and has notified the Company it will vote in favour of both proposals, which will be sufficient to approve both. Should you have any queries regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact us on 0117 900 9000. Please note we can provide factual assistance but cannot provide advice about any action you should take.

divvent argie 04 Apr 2016

Re: That's right, blame AIM AIM provide the framework and loose rules. Perhaps I should have been clearer that although AIM didn't run this company, or any others, they do by their very nature attract a less desirable and professional element. Lesson learned I will stay away from AIM as prospects are generally better in the grown up markets.

HappeeDaze 04 Apr 2016

That's right, blame AIM The writing has been on the wall for CAZA for a long time. They were too highly geared when the POO started to fall. At what point after the descent went below 8p wasn't it clear that without a miracle this would tank. Just like Afren, just like GKP. It's not AIM's fault that you lost your shirt.Yes, I lost money. I bought in tranches from 7p or so up to 20p and fully expected £1. But then the economics of oil changed. Sold out in tranches between 8p and 5p. If a company borrows a load of money against future income and that income stream dries up, it's gonna fail. How is that AIM's fault?

highlander1970 04 Apr 2016

Re: End of the Line from £1800, I got back £17!!AIM indeed

divvent argie 04 Apr 2016

End of the Line Ho hum! Still I only lost 2 grand - learned a lesson though - don't bother with AIM

uniformtango 07 Mar 2016

Re: FAO Indolent... Thanks Indy Here's hoping you are going well, also. Uni

indolent 04 Mar 2016

Re: FAO Indolent...(RNS) Just seen this:[link] TEXAS (Marketwire - March 4, 2016) - Caza Oil & Gas, Inc. ("Caza" or the "Company" (TSX: CAZ) (AIM: CAZA) has noted the rise in the Company's share price and is not aware of any reason for such movement. "I hadn't been in to Google since this morning. Pity.

indolent 04 Mar 2016

Re: FAO Indolent... Hi Uni,I've just skim read a few posts before other distractions get me. It's been a wildly good time for many a resources share of late, see Lonmin for example which was also as good as written off not so long ago. Not sure about oilies but I keep an eye on the share price here out of curiosity. If in Caza's case there was something of substance to that would be uplifting as much as it would be novel for AIM.I would rather not answer your question in a crystal clear way but I think you know me well enough to surmise which button I would be pushing right now (probably before now truth be told). I might hold some back and if that added up to quite a lot I would be trying to speak to at least two people in the company early next week and that despite the limitations on what they can say. I would simply want to listen to what they can say. To be frank, I just don't get the rise given the info in the public domain to date but that's the stock market for you. Hopefully not just momentum but then it should be in the public domain already. Go well,Indy