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11:02 06/09/2019

Noticed this when i traced back what i was doing on 2nd August 2016 .. KRS buy ( T ) ... looks like this was a total loss ?

10:06 01/10/2015

this is over. WRES can make up your lossess

23:35 27/07/2015

Their are only a few ways we go higher and quickly. We need to sell the company! Management really should have sold months ago. Another way would be to report good earnings and then announce they will only do 15/1 reverse split. Shareholders HATE r/s, but to cut it back to 10/1 or 15/1 will give this a nice pop. Then they can do a capital raise at a better price. If poo takes another dive and then we do 60/1 and then a cap raise, we are toast. Thats why we are falling! Lack of faith from management. Building shareholder value!! Right

02:12 14/07/2015

Its clear what the market thinks of this reverse split. The price has been dropping since the announcement of the proxy vote. I would rather see them sell some acreage first, then a much smaller reverse split. 20/1 at most.

22:24 17/06/2015

Malcy says they have auctioned off some smaller plots of land? Is he talking about the sale over 1 year ago? It was a mostly a gas asset sale. If not what is he talking about? Did they sell some land and it has not been announced yet?

13:32 16/06/2015

Vote no on the 60/1 reverse split!! The preferred A shares is a poison pill to make it difficult for a takeover! Where is the shareholder value Mr Ford? SELL the company now!! If this reverse split occurs shareholders will never recoup their losses

10:00 15/05/2015

Bother, looks like car crash

15:45 01/04/2015

Minus 20 percent not good.

15:43 29/11/2014

very painful

20:08 11/10/2014

Mr Egypt, thanks, I hope you are right.