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14:15 31/07/2017

Highland Fund Managers bought in. RNS out.

21:04 26/07/2017

Derampers saying the share dilution is going to hit the sp tomorrow. Share dilution happened on Monday and will not affect the sp tomorrow.

10:48 24/07/2017

Looking strong again. Constant drip, drip, drip of misinformation by derampers on other boards.

11:12 18/07/2017

Good to have your company hopetown, I was getting a bit lonely talking to myself here. I love the IOTA connection - as Donald Trump would say, this could be HUGE!

14:15 17/07/2017

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14:15 17/07/2017

Thanks to driver on Mon--am for this interesting link.

14:14 17/07/2017

Great tie-up with IOTA announced this morning.

18:23 16/07/2017

Big announcement coming from SatoshiPay tomorrow according to the company twitter account.

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11:12 14/07/2017

Great volumes here this morning and looking positive for a strong breakout now.