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millie 30 Sep 2020

Not much interest on this forum, but good discussion on the BLU moderated thread on advfn bulletin board. Guild eSports IPO on Friday could have a significant affect on BLU's sp.imo

millie 20 Sep 2020

Re: BLU Stream Log SatoshiPay are going to announce the launch of their B2B payments on Tuesday according to their twitter account. We could see some big volumes of buying over the next few trading days.

millie 09 Sep 2020

Great news about the Guild IPO this morning

millie 08 Sep 2020

60k delayed buy from Friday declared late yesterday. News coming perhaps?

millie 03 Sep 2020

Time to buy in again here. Satoshipay look to have got its act together at last and deliver on B2B payments. Esports investments are doing really well in addition to that.

hopetown 23 Mar 2018

Huawei plan a blockchain based smart phone [link]

hopetown 12 Dec 2017

"Cryptokitties" Be good to get something like this signed up to our system!

Frankers70 07 Dec 2017

Valuation If, as commentary suggests, Satoshipay is worth circa $193m today, then working that back to £'s and a 31% stake then Blue Star would be worth circa 1.92p, some 3 times today's closing price.Personally, I'm tempted to take my profit as greed has generally left me with burnt fingers in the past...As ever, GLA that are holding, easily my best stock holding over the last 3 months...And riskiest!!!

hopetown 07 Dec 2017

Re: Stellar again Bit more on Stellar.Jed McCaleb, chief technology officer at (, said in an interview with Chosun Biz on Monday that "the world is making a new block-chain protocol that can easily be used by low-income and underprivileged people." "We are worried about over-investment and over-expectation of virtual money and block-chain technology, but we think it will bring innovation like the Internet," he said.McCaleb, CTO, has created an inter-personal (P2P) file-sharing system called "eDonkey" and has also created the world's fourth largest virtualization cache, Ripple.The Stellar Payment Network platform, created by the nonprofit Stellar Foundation in 2014, has the advantages of fast transmission, reliability and very low fees. The Stellar Foundation has recently partnered with IBM to create a block-chain-based international trading solution that dramatically reduces transaction costs and speed.The Stellar Foundation is in talks with governments and major banks to commercialize the Stellar Payment Network platform from next year. With blockchain technology, it is possible to send money abroad without a financial institution, thus significantly reducing the remittance fee.

hopetown 07 Dec 2017

Re: Stellar again The jewel in Blue Star’s crown has to be its 31% stake in the privately held SatoshiPay Ltd, a nanopayment software and blockchain company which is adapting Lumens, Stellar Lumens (XLM) native cryptocurrency, as the underlying cryptocurrency for their settlement scheme.

silver tortoise 07 Dec 2017

Stellar again Stellar development foundation I presume.

silver tortoise 07 Dec 2017

Stellar ? Hope town,can't find stellar what's the ticker presume Nasdaq only.Into Blu big time.Ch

hopetown 07 Dec 2017

From LSE ..."NASDAQ Listing" A NASDAQListing well that could send it into orbit...We are at the forefront of the nanopayments sector.Unimaginable sized market.Look at Facebook and Apple .

hopetown 07 Dec 2017

Part 2 • On November 11 2017, SatoshiPay announced its partnership with Stellar citing its reasons for abandoning Bitcoin. The latter was no longer viable for everyday transactions due to scalability and minimum amounts, with transaction fees being exorbitantly high. Significantly, Bitcoin was abandoned, and Stellar Lumens was chosen as its replacement out of a whole host of possible cryptocurrencies.• On November 28 2017, Stellar Lumens made history by joining the $1 billion market cap club, which only a select number of cryptocurrencies have done.• On November 29 2017, Stellar Lumens reached $0.10 for the first time – a significant psychological trading level that paves the way for growth to expand beyond $0.01 increments to $0.10 increments.• On December 1 2017, it was announced that IBM added 8 new validators (i.e. Stellar anchors) in 8 different countries to the Stellar network – Australia, Brazil, Canada, Norway, Italy, Hong Kong, India, United Kingdom.Put simply, the growth trajectory of Stellar has been impressive to date and in our opinion, hasn’t received as much attention as it truly deserves as a sensible blockchain solution that is widely accessible and inoffensive to present-day banking practices unlike Bitcoin. On this point, it is severely undervalued. Cryptocurrency whales know this and they are stocking up fast every day.And because of this, SatoshiPay’s value and attractiveness (as the only bona fide nanopayments platform in the world) to consumers and commercial institutions is set to go stratospheric.In fact, only yesterday, Dan Strumpf of the Wall Street Journal was reported as positioning SatoshiPay’s founders Meinhard Benn, Henning Peters, and Kilian Thalhammer as the first European blockchain tycoons, and as the value of the company is set to explode in 2018 with rumours of a NASDAQ listing in Q2 2018.And to give you an idea of the company’s undervaluation, Strumpf placed a tentative valuation of SatoshiPay at circa $193m just on the Lumens adoption alone. “The potential of the platform, thereafter,” he barked, “is utterly obscene; possibly running into the $500m threshold on first material revenues.”Thus, the point is very simple. If we ignore everything else about Blue Star and just look at its SatoshiPay holding, this company is fundamentally undervalued on a grand scale. BUY.

hopetown 07 Dec 2017

Article in Oracle Times FLYING UNDER THE RADAR OF BLOCKCHAIN VALUE INVESTORSJohn Gabriel, Cryptonews (Oracle Times)December 7, 2017If the stock market was the perfect arbiter of value, then anomalies such as Blue Star Capital (LON:BLU) just wouldn’t occur.The reality is, the stock market is often wrong, and sometimes very wrong. The reasons can be many. But human psychology and poorly informed participants are often the causes.This is not always a bad thing as it creates substantial opportunities for the savvy investor – who rushes in to snap up decent companies that are grossly mispriced (when the company’s share price does not match the value of the underlying business… by the market.And right now, there exists a disruptive tech investment company that is grossly mispriced on AIM; Blue Star Capital.At 0.65p, London-listed company is worth £12.2million. any measure, this is stunningly cheap when you look at the company’s asset portfolio.The jewel in Blue Star’s crown has to be its 31% stake in the privately held SatoshiPay Ltd, a nanopayment software and blockchain company which is adapting Lumens, Stellar Lumens (XLM) native cryptocurrency, as the underlying cryptocurrency for their settlement scheme.SatoshiPay had been using Bitcoin since they launched in 2015, and when Bitcoin’s fees used to be negligible. Not anymore. Bitcoin’s transaction costs are just too high (at $8.2… and the technology is outdated, whilst Lumens’ transaction costs sits pretty at $0.0000002 with a nifty tech platform. In addition, Bitcoin’s scaling problems have also made it unsuitable as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for everyday transactions.Lumens, on the other hand, is streaks ahead of the cryptocurrency pack:• In May 2017, XLM invaded the top 10 cryptocurrencies with a 131% increase in value.• In June 2017, Stellar opened up another 16 billion new XLM on the market as part of its second distribution in addition to the 9.5 billion that already existed.• In September 2017, an email alert by the well-respected cryptocurrency newsletter group, Palm Beach Confidential, provided an unprecedented bullish signal on XLM. That subsequently triggered huge buying volume from cryptocurrency whales.• On October 16 2017, IBM announced that it had established a partnership with Stellar to facilitate a revolutionary payments process. The news was so significant that it pushed XLM’s price up 100%+ in a single day. Already in use across 12 currency corridors among several Pacific Island nations and Australia, NZ and the UK, the intention is for further expansion in Q1-Q2 2018. Stellar’s technology is not only impro