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16:02 30/09/2020

Not much interest on this forum, but good discussion on the BLU moderated thread on advfn bulletin board. Guild eSports IPO on Friday could have a significant affect on BLU's sp.imo

14:26 20/09/2020

SatoshiPay are going to announce the launch of their B2B payments on Tuesday according to their twitter account. We could see some big volumes of buying over the next few trading days.

13:12 09/09/2020

Great news about the Guild IPO this morning

09:44 08/09/2020

60k delayed buy from Friday declared late yesterday. News coming perhaps?

15:39 03/09/2020

Time to buy in again here. Satoshipay look to have got its act together at last and deliver on B2B payments. Esports investments are doing really well in addition to that.

14:57 31/08/2017

News out - partnership with Iota confirmed at last

10:02 15/08/2017

Threatening to breakout this morning.

13:15 10/08/2017

Good post hopetown. From a chart perspective this looks primed to breakout soon from a vcp which is forming. Could bounce hard from here. jmop

14:51 01/08/2017

Worth watching that video, interesting.

14:51 01/08/2017