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07:55 16/10/2015

Interesting day ahead

10:07 25/09/2015

PMO up nicely this morning

09:14 02/04/2015

harp- Yes, massively oversold here. MMs have played a blinder getting people to sell at these levels, its a great buying opp at these levels i think

07:54 02/04/2015

Sensational News!

08:06 09/12/2014

Very impressed with this news

20:37 25/11/2014
20:37 25/11/2014

FOGL with a nice mention here, well worth the listen

Zebedee with over 50% COS to come in

15:29 23/11/2014

Have to expect 3d sometime this week, and with people taking positions i expect 30 to break

08:35 14/11/2014

Expecting a rise here with MM behaviour