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09:31 20/03/2014

Yep you did

09:21 20/03/2014

Did no one notice the 2nd RNS on the acquisition of shares in an Australian Gold Miner?

04:51 12/03/2014

Sometimes you get the wrong barrister.

18:42 27/02/2014

First Energy Capital have deleted all reference from their website regarding Signet. The flyer on the all other sites Benin, Sierra Leone, Tanzania etc have gone. Why???

15:20 20/02/2014

Tang showing inexperience. Polo board mulling over offer. This appears on RDSA news. Will they walk away?

16:02 13/02/2014

Contracts signed and exchanged. Deposit paid. Completion within 14 days. Then announcement dividend. Tang wants his money back. This will hit the press tomorrow. 14th.

18:22 03/04/2013

They sure are getting a great name for themselves in the acquisition of other companies. This is bound to bring them to the notice of the big boys and I expect a bun fight between several companies in the buy them stakes.