POL Stream Log

06:41 03/01/2016

Spight was instrumental at getting me to sell at 23p! So unrealistic I thought there must be a trap. Orchard Gate has been excellent in the analysis provide.

09:39 26/02/2015

Philboy44 you are right got out at 24p and watched it all the way down and still going

19:14 30/12/2014

Orchard Gate - very perceptive analysis.

07:19 16/12/2014

Heading for 5p?

06:15 09/12/2014

Sold out at 23p and watch the justification discussions why this share is worth following. It is not and the discussions with continue down to 5p!

09:39 23/06/2014

topped up here as well....having it rough on AIM lately.....

12:14 20/06/2014

wow..it moved up....speechless.....

12:55 02/06/2014

shoud ahve stayed away from this one...wonder how Tang is doing ..he's still here isn't he?

06:59 17/05/2014

Sold out of this at 24p - it has been interesting watching the supporters argue what a fantastic investment as it has halved! What does it take for reality to sink in?

17:08 25/03/2014

Sold out at 23p never tempted to come back in.