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17:37 28/03/2018

Re: Commode I have just read the company website and noted that it was awarded ISGF Innovation Award [link] reported on the 9th March. JC's comments were very interesting but the key point is that the award highlights the quality of the product to the whole of India. I was surprised that this was not on the HL website news section. Thought I should share this with everyone.section

10:39 06/01/2018

Re Baddogrex3 - don't throw in the sponge yet - the directors are still buying and thats good enough for me to hold. Good luck!

08:44 03/08/2017

Re sandpmag & trading update. "we should be on the road to riches" I only hope you are right in your forecast. However there are so many shares issued I fail to see the sp going above1 or 2p in which case I would just about break even. £ millions of income v billions of shares doesn't look a great prospect to me. Any thought anyone?

14:57 05/04/2017

Just read this on the FT, [link] things look good if this anything to go by.

09:08 09/02/2017

Well done everyone at Cyan. Onwards and upwards!

18:15 21/09/2016

PistonBroke I checked out what you said, it was a sell so the question is how many c##k ups are there and does it alter the sp you have to ask. As for the company they are exceeding my expectations on getting in on such a huge market, my worry is that we may suffer a dilution to fund the costs of the potential huge market demand.

11:10 21/09/2016

Just bought 750k - it is showing up as a SELL - WTF?

11:06 22/08/2016

considering the orders they have in and in the pipeline the SP is very very dissapointing

10:50 07/06/2016

Beaufort's note out this morning from Research Tree: "Smart metering is a giant, unfulfilled and highly scalable global long-term growth opportunity which provides an exceptionally sticky customer base. Cyan has a unique and fully developed product with protected IP. Its revenue streams include hardware and software sales during installation/roll-out along with recurring license fees collected on revenue-based long-term contracts. The Group has strategically focused its initial marketing efforts on emerging markets which are now building out their infrastructure and modernising their approach to consumer distribution in order to gauge capacity demand and maximise efficiencies, while identifying power leakage and theft. The fact that it has secure contract wins from India, the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, China and Eastern Europe, highlights both the need for and the uniqueness of Cyan's systems approach. The potential to scale early sales to these territories is clearly enormous; in reality, the transformational purchase order worth £10m from Iran's Micromodje is potentially just a small part of the National Smart Metering Program of Iran that has a stated goal to replace the electricity meters for all customers, representing approximately 33 million meters, in seven years with funding provided by the Iran Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Management Company; Cyan has already started a dialogue on the next planned rollout of 1 million units. Prospectively, India is an even larger opportunity with prime minister, Modi, in 2015 projecting a phased consumer rollout of smart meters beginning in 2017, with 35 million units installed by 2019; more recently India's power minister, Goyal, cited a proposition for as many as 250 million smart meters. With a good number of large international territories now also reviewing similar options, the business potential for a supplier capable of installing and supporting comprehensive national smart meter implementation programmes is clearly huge."

17:06 09/05/2016

I have been reading comments on this for a year and have joined so now can say that this will be big, I have held shares since 2013 and trebled my investment March 2016 well worth the gamble with a long way to the top for those that are willing to wait.