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12:24 19/04/2018

bit dead around here

12:24 19/04/2018

Hopefully small trades are start of fomo

15:41 28/08/2015

can't seem to paste the whole piece sorry.

15:40 28/08/2015

There has been much talk in the oil and gas sector that there will to be need to be around of mergers and acquisitions to avoid the dire consequences of a plummeting oil price.

15:39 28/08/2015

Junior Oil Takeover Talk !!

10:15 31/07/2015

ooops you wont see that!

10:15 31/07/2015

Tilly does your broker have a minimum purchase?

09:20 31/07/2015

volume is building however

09:19 31/07/2015

what is wrong with this share? Is it immune to good news? lol

15:01 19/12/2014

86.75 was reversed