BKIR Stream Log

12:24 19/04/2018

bit dead around here

12:21 16/06/2017

can't believe how low the share price is. is very surprising for a bank. can't see a dividend being paid out soon. AIB are paying out dividends again. hope the SP rises soon and to a level reflective of a bank not a penny stock.

22:19 02/09/2016

I own about 800000 shares average price of .22 US since 2011. I paid all the fees to retain my shares when it converted to IRLBF. In my opinion this a great bank in a great country, and should be at least $15- $25 US. it makes no sense. Any ideas on what the dividend will be if they pay it?

12:47 30/06/2016

I was wondering myself why everyone just dropped off. I purchased at 10c and again at 26c. I only have 25k shares but plan on buying another €8000 when they reach 12c-15c which I think they will. All it's going to take is another nuke going off in the un-united kingdom.

11:57 06/01/2016

Good morning. Just registered but have been watching this forum for about six months. Bought boi shares last year. But im looking to invest a little more for kids college fund. About ten years time. Is it worth it.

15:11 31/08/2015

Jan 2016.... .34

13:39 27/08/2015

Chill out lads

23:15 26/08/2015

Torquay the golf chat is tiresome and the name dropping unnecessary. We want ure views on euro bank, prem Watsa is on the line...

18:39 26/08/2015

And by the by, I have a contact in boi, who is quite close to the top, who assures me the price is being kept down till the government sell, which is most likely in 12 months after year end results and after election

18:36 26/08/2015

Cooking you are a complete troll, I have images of you sitting in your underpants eating a bucket of kfc annoying people on forums all over the Internet - and to be honest I find it hilarious