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09 Dec 2014
15:00 02/12/2015

Hi Spuddy, do you have a new Crystal ball which confirms all your predictions? I admire your enthusiasm but the real world and theoretical predications are two very different things

19:58 07/09/2015

Hi Spuddy, whilst I admire your optimism I believe you have used the phrase 'expect things will change [shortly] with reasons cited. How can you keep making claims like this?

19:19 09/08/2015

This sponsorship is not on and makes the company look more like a redistribution of wealth vehicle and nothing else. I'm beginning to think the whole thing is a sham and the company needs investigated. I'd love to know the members of the remuneration committee etc etc assuming they exist. The financial objective of the company should be to maximize shareholders wealth, this is clearly not the case, especially giving away 100k without ever having generated this even legal?!?!?!

15:41 01/07/2015

Hi Spuddy, fair comment and yes might distress the share price, however, the AGM is aimed at investors not farminees. If farminees don't appreciate what was said about horizontal and vertical wells they shouldn't be in the game. Hence not a reason for slowing down farm in. I just wish it would hurry up.......

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