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15:00 02/12/2015

Hi Spuddy, do you have a new Crystal ball which confirms all your predictions? I admire your enthusiasm but the real world and theoretical predications are two very different things

19:58 07/09/2015

Hi Spuddy, whilst I admire your optimism I believe you have used the phrase 'expect things will change [shortly] with reasons cited. How can you keep making claims like this?

19:19 09/08/2015

This sponsorship is not on and makes the company look more like a redistribution of wealth vehicle and nothing else. I'm beginning to think the whole thing is a sham and the company needs investigated. I'd love to know the members of the remuneration committee etc etc assuming they exist. The financial objective of the company should be to maximize shareholders wealth, this is clearly not the case, especially giving away 100k without ever having generated this even legal?!?!?!

15:41 01/07/2015

Hi Spuddy, fair comment and yes might distress the share price, however, the AGM is aimed at investors not farminees. If farminees don't appreciate what was said about horizontal and vertical wells they shouldn't be in the game. Hence not a reason for slowing down farm in. I just wish it would hurry up.......

13:22 30/06/2015

TBF some, but not all, of what Jimmy says looks as perfectly justifiable as many of the positive comments. I dont know much about the marine geology he speaks of, i have to rely on friends for that, however i dont think negative comments on this would alter a farminees decision as they should be able to do their own research. I think he is unfair to comment on the strategies taken by the company as only those behind closed doors know the reasons for them and I'm sure most will know there are usually fully justifiable reasons for most actions. Again though I dont think his negative comments would be swaying those in the industry. I think the long and the short of it is that until a farm out is announced nothing is going to happen to the share price of PVR, but i dont think that Jimmy is to blame for this. The more likely causes are the economic state, PVR being close to running out of money, any looming expirations of any of the licences................all these things and more are what the vultures will use as bargaining tools i think. GLA

10:42 29/06/2015

Hi Godot, I haven't read anywhere that ONGC are definitively back in play. Titans report says there was 'chatter'. Obviously it would be good if they are interested and at the levels previously displayed but i can;t take full confidence from what sounds like murmurings. I hope they are for everyones sake but am still very wary that sh.t blinds.

10:07 29/06/2015

Independent certification - Hi Spuddy, i'm not questioning whether there is oil in Barryroe, i'm questioning whether its actually genuinely commercially viable to extract it. It wasn't in the 1970's when Esso first found the oil. If there is a lot of fine combing going on with Geologists, engineers etc then i suspect there is not yet full confidence on the viability. Your most recent comment states that surely Ireland must be a good place to do business, if the field is viable and Ireland good for business then what is the hold up and why have previously interested parties walked away and participated in projects elsewhere?

14:56 28/06/2015

Hi Spuddy, we can all view things from different angles. I have recently been told that senior told everyone there was oil at a location when there was nothing there. Has it been proven yet that Barryroe is commercially viable or is this a genuine oil field which is easy to sell as viable when it isn't actually? 500k per annum is starting to sound like a good incentive to sell this nonsense to the world.

12:19 28/06/2015

Love it, a potential farminee would listen to comments on a bulletin board over the outcome of the millions they would potentially spend on due diligence........jimmy is in the wrong game if that is the case

22:02 27/06/2015

Spuddy are you suggesting that really clever people would change their mind about participating in a multi million pound profitable project because of comments from less than half informed people posting on a discussion board?......., come on please