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12:48 09/12/2014

Yeah after seeing how much KIBO went up today perhaps they decided to wait a week on more news so that they can get even more value out of the KIBO JV. Short term dip here, to me a good time to buy more and when they have their next RNS see a boooom.

14:36 18/11/2014

Bought at 6, needed the cash and sold out at 4. Just got some funds so put some more in, so knowing my luck it'll fall back to 10. So I'd advise everyone to sell now and take their profits...

14:23 18/11/2014

I reckon this will settle back around 16, nobody knows why it went up to 20.

13:59 18/11/2014

Was going to buy some at 17 before I went to lunch, come back and it's over 20.

15:25 14/11/2014

Sold mine at 4 for a loss cos I need the cash. Feeling quite sick now.

20:04 05/11/2014

I can't quite believe people on here actually email Harriet. I mean you are not really investors in this company, just people looking to make some money of the back of their hard work. I realise there are a few exceptions to that, but that's most of the people here. Instead of taking up the valuable time of people at WRN why don't you do something productive. It's amusing to pop in here and read the "tomorrow there will be a RNS..." comments though, for it to then never happen and read random speculation.

10:48 04/11/2014

Very little volume the last couple of days, I think people have moved on now except for people here!

13:01 31/10/2014

Oh my timing. Bought at 6. Gave up, Sold at 4. Now it's going back up. Seriously if you guys want to make money then just follow me in reverse...

17:33 30/10/2014

sorry, was on FitB, dunno how it switch to Minco

17:32 30/10/2014

Maybe the Best Buy deal fell through. Maybe Target will only stock it in a handful of their stores. Maybe it being Christmas, nobody is going to be buying these just now cos it's too cold too go out running. I hope I'm wrong with all that, I'm massively down on this stock as I bought too late and was greedy and didn't sell when I was up. But there's too many unknowns to go around saying BUY, BUY, BUY to people right now.