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buyBAO you in UKOG? I noticed it has perked up a bit this week. was thinking of getting some. have I missed anything?

09:22 23/03/2016

fund/institution AND director buying. time to rock and roll!

10:28 17/03/2016

time to push the target up to 4p i think! PEA news still to come and copper price is moving on up! excellent proactive item with Mr Manini yesterday.

08:00 21/12/2015

after the recent podcast by spurslegend i was considering buying this. he comes across as quite the expert and well respected amongst investors but i notice he sold 130k shares after the podcast? i'm not sure how i feel about this now.

09:17 06/11/2015

moving averages posted a DEATH CROSS. that is not good. SELL

07:54 03/11/2015

hi bb. uncertainty re:funding is now out of the way. once it has cleared by end of week then hopefully should see some market movement up!

14:10 28/10/2015

i think new BoD needs to be brought in. one time this was around 90p. the market is not pleased clearly!

14:09 28/10/2015

this is terrible. price keeps tumbling making new lows! unbelievable how the management let it get this bad. feel sorry for those who took up placing in 40p region

12:33 28/10/2015

i think it got 1.575p...can't remember. only last week. brain is half asleep. don't think turning back time last weekend suits me

08:53 28/10/2015

this hasn't retraced back far enough yet. i'll let you know when it does