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12:06 31/05/2016

VSA published a note this morning, it's on Research Tree... Asiamet Resources (ARS) reports total expenses for the quarter ended March 31 of US$0.69m while raising post quarter end £1.5m (cUS$2.2m) to offset a working capital deficit carried into the current quarter of US$0.15m. In addition, a further US$0.98m has been received from the Indonesian government for refund of VAT. ARS published a robust PEA concerning developing the Beruang Kanan project to a producing copper mine during the quarter.

16:46 23/05/2016

Beaufort's note on Asiamet is up on Research Tree, it's accessible for free: "The update mentioned above underpins the considerable potential and quality of the BKM mine. The PEA study results are attractive, indicated by high NPV and IRR. In addition, the study indicated low operating costs, low strip ratio, strong cash flow generation capacity and short payback period. Moreover, further work and exploration in and around the BKM mine would enhance project value. The mine remains open in several directions with presence of targets at Beruang Kanan South (BKS), Beruang Kanan West (BKW) and BKZ polymetallic prospects. These prospects have great potential for additional copper mineralisation, indicated by strong surface and drilling results until date. Asiamet plans to carry out drilling at the targets around the BKM site to expand resource potential. We are buoyed by Asiamet's PEA study results and look forward to further developments. Therefore, we maintain..."

10:28 17/03/2016

time to push the target up to 4p i think! PEA news still to come and copper price is moving on up! excellent proactive item with Mr Manini yesterday.

07:54 03/11/2015

hi bb. uncertainty re:funding is now out of the way. once it has cleared by end of week then hopefully should see some market movement up!

08:12 30/10/2015

Private placement at around 1.4p not bad at al

12:33 28/10/2015

i think it got 1.575p...can't remember. only last week. brain is half asleep. don't think turning back time last weekend suits me

12:17 28/10/2015

Happy holding ARS at 1.5p

12:17 28/10/2015

afpo did me a good turn.

12:17 28/10/2015

hi, thanks!

08:05 28/10/2015

hi BB. i got some of these after i noticed you got some. you have good picks - noticed your CPX AEG rides last few months. ARS looking good medium term. 1.8p short term target must be achievable! PIs don't notice it until it moves 20% up in a day lol. so we must be good currently. off radar