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16:04 23/10/2015

just glad they did not buy 666

09:59 20/10/2015

I am sitting patiently watching the tumbleweed being blown down the street. Come on TRT !!

11:31 05/10/2015

I was agreeing with you until your last sentence Dragon lol

23:07 01/10/2015

I was at the presentation and spoke to John afterwards. I went away feeling happy that I had made the decision to invest in Cyan. Like all of us I would much prefer news of orders sooner rather than later but I bought into Cyan because I can see the possibilities for a good return on my investment. If Cyan do well, John and Simon do well and so do I. I expect the share price to be much higher a year from now or I will eat my hat. DYOR then choose to stick or twist, I am sticking!