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29 Jun 2015

stock will take a few weeks to re-rate higher than 1 pound. There will be many sellers that need to be cleared out first and this will take time.

20:58 29/06/2015

It is always darkest before dawn and fortune favours the brave. Whether you like it or not PVR share price has been decimated. If you believe the competent persons report then PVR is a great risk reward investment opportunity. If PVR does execute successfully deals for Barryroe and Spanish Point then sentiment will dramatically change. The stock will air pocket higher. Institutions and retails investors alike will be net buyers. Market makers will re-initiate positive research and coverage and brokers will peddle the story again. Warren Buffett is famous for buying when everyone else is selling/scared and he sells when everyone else is buying or being greedy. PVR is now a very compelling risk reward investment. Forget about all the 'noise' - focus on the technical reports - place your bet and step away for 12 months. Invest only what you can afford to lose - this is a binary investment - but the upside is now a multiple of the downside from here - for every euro you may lose if PVR fails you could possibly make 4-5 euros if they succeed . You cannot say that about many stocks.

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