African Minerals - Re: AMI Stream Log - So it all started June...

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13:10 13/10/2018

So it all started June 1995... over the last 20 years to 2015 you would of lost money in 72% of all company's to have ever listed on AIM . This one which i lost all my investment in was the second worse when she wrote , valued once at ( ) at its height,( The one that was worse Scot oil.) "its a stock pickers market " with extremes of performance's both downside and upside "the people least equipped to sort the wheat from the chaff are private investors and the best professional fund managers" . This bb goes back to 20th Nov 2014 i have posts copied here from ii on page 2 31st may 2015 , page 16 11th Feb 15 and page 20 .