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23:00 09/02/2019

Year on still suspended .

22:43 04/10/2018

They were suspended February 2018 on acquisition of Minto . in July 2018 they made a 10 for 1 consolidation. No news of when trading might resume .

22:39 04/10/2018

Left message on LSe Negative news 28 Septmber 2018 loss widens.

14:33 18/07/2018

Very confusing it now appears they changed name from and not to China Africa, they appear to be suspended and there is something going on with a company called Minto if you click discuss on the new format ii site you get page can not be found . hope its not some sort of con ?

11:21 17/07/2018

Seems they have changed name to China Africa had a consolidation , typically "page can not be found" on new ii , wonder if this change by ii has affected these little aim shares for the worse.

11:21 17/07/2018

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