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21:11 04/11/2015

57,096 acreage and Jay Cheetham hits the fact pot on the first try. Congratulations ! This acreage has just increased in value. 3D gives you eyes, Jay gives you "how much, what quality, where to pipe it, truck it " give this man a raise. Ok 10 million options at .10 cents, should make him happy. The rig was initially being moved, but I read Black stone spudded Tyler County mid October! We may get ( 50%) change of getting a X- mass present. Each well nets before tax $70 million, we get half. I think that is conservative , because the geology should be the same , level 14,200 feet for every well....why? Because the well is sand, oil soaked that exist as an ancient shoreline of the inland ocean that covered North America. Our acreage is the 63 feet of sand that the ocean created from 120 - to 82 million years ago when the North American Ocean emptied. Our acreage is , was feed water , salt water from the south, downslope from the east west facing Ouchita Mountains. Our oil sands are at right angles to the top of those mountains. The chalk is a gypsum salt I think , I don't know, but I can tell you before the Ouchita mountains deeper down more oil exist , and the salt disapates the heat so the oil stays intact and does not turn to gas . The Smackover, is an old carbonate structure south facing and slopes like shingles on a roof. Below the Smackover on our acreage is the vast oil of the Norfit sands, but the real good oil, the 24,000 barrels per day to 100,000 barrels per day is obtained on our lease by drilling 20,000 -25,000 -35,000 (Tiber well) feet through the Halite salt , called " the mother of all salt" the Louann salt, pure table salt. Jay when the wallet gets fat, put in som 7,500 foot laterals in those 63 feet of oil sands, and maybe I will live to see you test the oil reservoir below the Louanne salt. Again congratulations . John Delano.