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waytogo333 19 Feb 2018

Director Buys If it wasn't for the Director buys, I'd have sold up herehilip Gobe - £18,745 - 23/05/17Justin Hondris - £19,999 - 28/07/17John Cheatham - £49,999 - 28/07/17John Cheatham - £44,100 - 04/01/18We'll see.

waytogo333 19 Feb 2018

Trades Quite a few hefty 'Sells' going into close......hmmmm, what's afoot?

1048KB 09 Feb 2018

Operational Update 9 Feb 2018 My comments on today's release:VOBM#1The well is not producing as Pantheon expected, which they attrbute to operational problems. Their operator, Vision, are, admittedly, pretty useless, but the alternative is that the reservoir is simply not capable of sustained flow. Either way it is bad news.VOBM#2It is not clear what they mean by "line freezing", but the message is the same as VOBM#1. Operational problems, which could also be attributed to poor quality reservoir.VOBM#4They plan to test the upper Wilcox, and there is no operational information provided. Results expected later this month. VOBM#5"Operations are ongoing and on schedule". Results expected later this month. Tyler County Gas Processing UpdatePantheon & Vision are negotiating with two gas processing plants, even though they have no gas to put into them.Jay Cheatham CEO did not say: I am considering every possibility except the most obvious ones - that we are dealing with a sub-economic, very-poor quality reservoir, that contains negligible oil, with operations being paid for by Pantheon and conducted by a below-standard operator.

boredofblogs 05 Feb 2018

Re: down down and down Yes badly let down after all the hype on the "flow rates" ! Two weeks to go on v5 drill .. let's hope they get this one right for a change.

tradingup 30 Jan 2018

down down and down Thanks Malcy - vivid memories of your tv interview with Jay Cheatham and yourconfident assessment that the shares would hit £2 within months -- that was a couple of years ago and now I'm down by nearly 60% on my investment. I think as an oil guru you might have better use as a shoelace.

BuySel 17 Jan 2018

Re: Unmitigated Disaster! The second bounce is on abd it lasted all day till the final UT @ 54p well above the spread prices

WEE WATT 05 Jan 2018

Re: Unmitigated Disaster! £44,100 check ur maths.

WEE WATT 05 Jan 2018

Re: Unmitigated Disaster! £50,000 check ur maths.

nigella2 05 Jan 2018

Re: Unmitigated Disaster! MD buying 90,000 shares, if that’s not a strong belief that the company is heading for good times, I don’t know what is. Why would he risk nearly £500,000 of his own money if he thought that company couldn’t fulfill its forecast.Heading north in my opinion. As always, Dior.

BuySel 04 Jan 2018

Re: Unmitigated Disaster! Is today's trading signaling is ready for the bounce?1- managed to finish above yesterday closing price2 - CEO buying 90K @49p today

hondadeauville 04 Jan 2018

Re: Unmitigated Disaster! Correct figure for gas is three million per day.

garyob 03 Jan 2018

Re: Unmitigated Disaster! I for one am looking forward to his yearly update. It was early Feb last year , he had had a half decent return, mainly because of one share rising 500+%. This year has been a disaster I suspect barring a couple of winners. Out of 20 some must come good , but alot of miserable punters I suspect.

Make-a-packet sec 03 Jan 2018

Re: Unmitigated Disaster! Fair post, tired and confused.My opinion is that this guy is worth reading as a guide or indication of shares that are worth researching. I also read his daily blog to make sure I catch up with anything I've missed, cos I don't check at 7am each morning. Importantly, he also gets access to ask questions of leading personnel in these companies, to fill out the flesh from limited information in RNS's, which is something that it's hard for individual PI's to do. Where to beware - his technical knowledge appears to be similar to the average punter on this board. For instance, in today's post he notes "at 3,000 million cubic feet per day it is still only at initial testing levels". Well, I'd settle for this rate, but unfortunately it's 3,000 thousand cubic feet a day. A slip of the pen maybe, but it does seem to happen often whenever he ventures into territory near technical explanations that aren't a direct lift from RNS text. I just assume he's a City boff rather than an engineer, and some of his contextual ideas on stocks are helpful.The sport stuff is tiresome...HTH - I don't hold many Pantheon shares so I'll just continue the long wait for them to come good

Ripley94 03 Jan 2018

Re: Unmitigated Disaster! tired." I'm not just going to sit and hold". That's what i will do here I had over 200 shares a few years back, more now.I am sure its about Patience ... not jumping in and out.R

II Editor 03 Jan 2018

NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: Pantheon Resources "All sorts of influences on oil and gas prices yesterday. All started well and WTI reached $60.74 and Brent $67.29 before excitement was cooled off. The early buzz was primarily geopolitical, with sights of rioting in cities across Iran making ..."[link]