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23:56 21/05/2015

That's before the BMR play

05:54 13/05/2015

By my reckoning MTR sold about two-thirds of their shares we're left with about 15m NEW plus the cash

16:19 12/05/2015

MTR have a growing cash pile to pick up BMR assets

10:17 10/05/2015

come on mtr...keep the newsflow coming..

13:57 08/05/2015

Now holding 2.2% MTR

22:04 07/05/2015

watchout for MTR and BMR...go Alex

11:52 07/05/2015

buy, buy, buy

11:52 07/05/2015


16:19 06/05/2015

you will find yesterday's large trades belonged to someone else

11:46 06/05/2015

Afterall, £175k would pick up c.12% of a company with assets of £9m and huge upside potential...