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16:40 10/08/2015

the company keeps signalling imminent news....but volumes very thin....looks like very few people selling anything

15:00 10/08/2015

now is the time to add

16:18 04/08/2015

Very odd reporting today...I bought slightly more than 250,000 today at 0.894 showing as a sell

23:50 02/08/2015

let the tiger roar & soar

23:41 02/08/2015

think canada

20:43 28/07/2015

dont forget AGM Thursday - expect announcement in next 48 hours

10:22 28/07/2015

Let's just hope it has nothing to do with Andrew Bell......unless we are buying a chunk of JMS with a view to them returning to market

20:49 26/07/2015

Wouldn't it be funny if it was BMR?

20:38 25/07/2015

If you think the free float I s 30m I can assure you it is substantially less

20:37 25/07/2015

If you think the free floT i