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06:04 26/02/2020
09:12 13/02/2020

brand new updated broker note [link] ...

10:34 21/06/2017

How far are hurricain off production?

10:34 21/06/2017

Bought HUR at 56p do people think the price will recover and what to?

10:05 19/04/2017

60p hasn't been passed because CA is still an overhang seller.

18:28 18/04/2017

The seller keeping it under 60P is C-Amber I am informed. This you probably surmised....

08:45 11/04/2017

i have never heard such pathetic ramping in my life! Over borrowed or scared people ramp like that. The equivalent of a very nervous smile.

08:17 08/04/2017

i really don't know why everyone is bitching about a lack of share price action. Look at the graph? It shows a perfect uptrend, yet still with a company that has shown NO profit.

09:11 04/04/2017

Excuse my ignorance. Can any of you oilers please explain - in layman terms - how the oil is going to be extracted?

17:12 30/03/2017

This share price is being "manipulated, fixed, rigged, call-it-what-you-will, and no matter what us low life PIs think the management of HUR and the market makers have their own agenda. Their defence is, of course, '"orderly control". If you are worried and leveraged, then reduce or exit your risk exposure. At least this share has 'assets', allbeit in the UKCS. Through greed, I lost an embarrassing amount of money in Quindell which was built by a clever talker.There were no assets. DYOR. Put the shares in a drawer and wait a year or two.. Patience..Calm. Tranquil... Gawd help me !