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BUY PANR by More4us on 16 Jul 2018 10:26

Price at rating: , now: …

[link] Pantheon Resources (LON:PANR) – Sound Approach: we believe its decision making has improved.

10:26:05 16 Jul 2018

BUY IMM by More4us on 10 Jul 2018 15:25

Price at rating: , now: …


15:25:23 10 Jul 2018

SELL ATYM by Murgster on 10 Jul 2018 08:33

Price at rating: , now: …

Copper price dropping - this will follow.

08:33:06 10 Jul 2018

SELL ATYM by Murgster on 05 Jun 2018 21:52

Price at rating: , now: …

Bit of a drop from here.

21:52:48 5 Jun 2018

BUY IMM by More4us on 31 May 2018 21:24

Price at rating: , now: …


21:24:27 31 May 2018

BUY OMI by More4us on 18 May 2018 09:15

Price at rating: , now: …

#Orosur #Mining (#OMI), digging for gold in Uruguay, Colombia and Chile, is metals and mining expert Asa Bridle's top pick. [link]

09:15:17 18 May 2018

SELL ATYM by Murgster on 16 May 2018 21:47

Price at rating: , now: …

Main rise is over, ready for this to back down a little before the next push.

21:47:50 16 May 2018

BUY FDEV by Endion on 13 May 2018 00:07

Price at rating: , now: …

Upcoming release of Jurassic Park World, coinciding with announcement of fourth franchise on the first day of E3. Recent investment by Tencent of £17 million for 9% of the company. Tencent is the *only* avenue for western games in the Chinese market, which itself is HUGE. Frontier are top of the line for a game release in China.

00:07:40 13 May 2018