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03 Aug 2019
11:27 19/07/2022

What a difference in two years. Debt has been paid down through asset sales and rights issue. Profit margin is running at over 3%; latest trading update shows a 26% increase in turnover - business will hit at least £4.5bn in full-year report which will be released in September 2022. No reported shorts on Kier. The business remains the largest UK regional construction business and has slimmed down its workforce to 12,000 staff from 18,000 at huge cost over the last three years. It is now lean and mean and making money. Dividends will not be too far away now. Shareprice is incredibly low due to inflation fears, but CEO's inflation strategy is reportedly working and has enabled the business to maintain profits.

16:20 19/03/2020

Courtesy of Belroe on another site: I think it is time for the hedge funds shorting Kier to recognise that they are now betting against the public interest in this time of national emergency. Kier employs 18,000 people and is building the UK's infrastructure. The business has substantially changed its approach and has raised cash, sold, assets and cut costs in order to make itself financially sound. The hedge funds involved should accept that they've made their profit, and now withdraw gracefully before people like Vikram Kumar at Kuvari become widely known as people hoping for corporate disaster at this very difficult time for the UK economy and its people. The video in the attached link appears to me to show a suppressed smile from Kumar as he recounts how Carillion failed and he made money. We do not need that kind of chaos from avoidable corporate collapse today, and the 'art of shorting' which Kumar mentions, seems to be taken by some people to include dirty tricks like newspaper articles which aim to sow doubt through unsubstantiated rumours. It's time for all of the hedge funds shorting Kier to cash in their chips and perhaps support the UK's recovery. [link]

16:19 19/03/2020

Courtesy of Belroe (poster elsewhere).

15:01 05/03/2020

As predicted, a big rise for the Kier share price. This should continue into next week. Last high was around 150p when there was some excitement around HS2, but Kier hadn't released any results for six months. Now the numbers are known and it's clear that the business is not going to fail. We will possibly see 180p by Monday.

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BUY KIE by Thunderjack on 19 Jul 2022 11:22

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Refinanced business with new management team; net cash position at year end (no net debt); increased turnover by 26%; very low 2023 price/earnings (approx p/e of 2). An incredible buying opportunity according to Peel Hunt. Government spending is main source of income - more secure in recessionary environment.

11:22:13 19 Jul 2022

BUY KIE by Thunderjack on 13 Feb 2020 23:10

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Share price reversal well underway; hundreds of contract wins over the last 12 months; HS2 going ahead; results due out in 3 weeks.

23:10:11 13 Feb 2020

SELL DC by Thunderjack on 08 Oct 2019 11:08

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Imminent recession in the UK; sterling near historic lows - all imported product more expensive, squeezing profits for DC; ex-chairman and founder has sold a quarter of his holding recently; big pension deficit; as far as I can see, practically no cash - the business seems to be operating on cashflow which relies on suppliers waiting a long time to be paid; increasing online competition; a massive and costly bricks&mortar estate; a huge workforce creating high operational costs; very few customers in the shops whenever I've visited; warning from the management of 'more pain' to come due to the change in smartphone purchasing dynamics. From what I can see, there are almost no positives for DC; an outdated business model with huge legacy costs.

11:08:30 8 Oct 2019

BUY KIE by Thunderjack on 20 Aug 2019 17:24

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Recovering share price, reducing debt, good cash raising (rights issue and cancelled divi), top contracts winner by value for 2019 so far, results out in 4 weeks.

17:24:40 20 Aug 2019

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