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03 Aug 2019
15:50 18/11/2019

Glad to see you're all over that phone bill. Really shocking, paying an exec's phone bill for a few months after he's left. What a terrible company.

13:36 15/11/2019

Yes, a good return and working capital are easily achievable. Over £4bn in revenue, even without the residential business which is up for sale. £65m in retained dividends (not paying out to shareholders). Rights issue of £250m earlier this year. Some assets already sold (overseas business, office buildings and land etc) and more up for sale. The new management is building cash and will easily fund the business. Even the debt is not high; group net debt of £165m (on turnover of £4bn plus, this is tiny) and average monthly debt of around £420m, which is half of the debt financing available to Kier. The business is even recession proff ot a much higher degre than thewider industry; most of Kier's customers are regional authorities who have already contractually committed to their schools, hospitals, and roads projects.

09:39 13/11/2019

Massive fall in share price over the last three days; almost 25% down from 110 last week to 86p this morning. Rumour driven as far as I can see, but Davies is going to pretty stupid on Friday asking shareholders, who are watching the value of the business plummet under his management, to vote for his big bonus deal. They might as well tell him to resign. Maybe he's about to get the Kier Living deal signed off today or tomorrow and will be able to go into the AGM head held high.

08:30 13/11/2019

Assets were sold fast; the Australian Kier roads business sold; land and properties sold all over the UK, including £25m for one office block in central London. Kier Living sale is imminent with Lone Star named as a contender. Motleyfool bloggers in my experience are just amateurs and paid advocates a lot of the time. Probably in league with hedge funds shorting kier (most of whom are exiting their shorts).

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SELL DC by Thunderjack on 08 Oct 2019 11:08

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Imminent recession in the UK; sterling near historic lows - all imported product more expensive, squeezing profits for DC; ex-chairman and founder has sold a quarter of his holding recently; big pension deficit; as far as I can see, practically no cash - the business seems to be operating on cashflow which relies on suppliers waiting a long time to be paid; increasing online competition; a massive and costly bricks&mortar estate; a huge workforce creating high operational costs; very few customers in the shops whenever I've visited; warning from the management of 'more pain' to come due to the change in smartphone purchasing dynamics. From what I can see, there are almost no positives for DC; an outdated business model with huge legacy costs.

11:08:30 8 Oct 2019

BUY KIE by Thunderjack on 20 Aug 2019 17:24

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Recovering share price, reducing debt, good cash raising (rights issue and cancelled divi), top contracts winner by value for 2019 so far, results out in 4 weeks.

17:24:40 20 Aug 2019

BUY KIE by Thunderjack on 03 Aug 2019 18:58

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New CEO with rationalisation plan; debt is reducing; sale of part of the business (Kier Living) announced; share price has bottomed out due to hedge-fund shorting overshooting the price target -- currently valued at approx one year's earnings and should be 5 or 6 times this value.

18:58:33 3 Aug 2019

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