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Dragonslayer1 11:13

58.38 Meticai to 1 US$ , 7th March 2018 was predicted to fall to 64 Meticai to 1 US$ With the ever increasing US Dollar strength it’s now becoming ever clearer why a gold producing miner such as Xtract Resources is in a strong position going forwards . Less than 6 months ago the Mozambican Meticai was forecast to drop to 64 meticai to one US$ . Making wages , land in relation to the value of gold based on US$ ever cheaper . Apart from already proven areas such as fair brides with it’s DFS . Yep , that’s an open pit gold mine with much of the over burden already removed with road infrastructure in situ for the processing of alluvial gold thanks to Sino and of course Moz Gold who even provided Xtract Resources with a processing plant thanks to the rainiest of rainy seasons in recent times putting a brake on processing fine gold and Moz Gold demise . Obviously slight modifications would remedy fine gold recover but we await terrace channel sample result for hard rock processing by Omnia in their nearby hard rock processing plant or will Mr.Colin Bird negotiate with Omnia to use our ex Moz Gold processing plant already on site cutting out transportation costs . Lot’s of news to come but thankfully Xtract Resources isn’t on the breadline hence the gold already in dorey bar format at Manica could easily be used to pay wages , taxes , etc … even with the Price Of Gold ( POG ) at around the US£1,180 /oz mark

Dragonslayer1 07 Aug 2018

Joining the club Bought a trading tranche of 150k shares at 1.04p /share 09:40am , which appeared good value since 500k shares was quoted at 1.075p /share . Happy with that with news due on so many fronts that could easily multi-bag the current Market Cap …

Dragonslayer1 06 Aug 2018

Joining the club theprior Just noticed on ( lse ) chat site in an act of desperation by the basher ( Moderation team , market Makers , shorter or whoever has the time to bash a company 24 x 7 ) a reference to the one and only poster to have got the better of ( lse ) XTR chat site " Spacemen " . Aye , must be time to buy back my trading tranche that I sold 5th July 2018 , 13:25hrs at 1.252p/share for that to happen … lol … he / she compared the well researched ( lse ) poster JDAU to him hence a nods as good as a wink , I’ll grab a trading tranche on any further weakness . I’m surprised ( lse ) JDAU bothers replying to the basher with multiple user names over on ( lse ) but then I did for many years under the ( lse ) username Spacemen until my account was frozen for no good reason , apart from getting the better of the basher … lol …lol …lol … and making money tranche trading … … he / she was using the pseudonym Lizzardchipzz , Redbike , etc … back then but the writing style is the same as JDAU and other long term XTR share holders / traders know .

Dragonslayer1 25 Jul 2018

Consolidation Question Ripley94 with very low trading volumes appears to me Market Makers are accumulating shares in anticipation of forthcoming news . A few more sells than buys yesterday , amounting to very few shares in the grand scheme of things and you guessed it an excuse for a tree shake today . Weird how 100k share is the max you can buy without Negotiated trading kicks in . On that note 3 buy trades verses 1 sell trade of 629 shares just highlights how much the Market Makers ( MM 's ) manipulate Xtract Resources Market Cap with a drop of 8.15% in share price today . As for a large seller in back ground theory by one poster on ( lse ) chat site well you’d be able to buy more than 100k shares without Negotiated trading kicking in if there was . With cash covering costs coming in from Sino , dorey bar sales there’s very little chance of dilution hence the ( MM’s ) aren’t forward selling huge amounts of shares as they used to . Far from it with expected further alluvial sub contractor agreements due to be signed a reason the ( MM’s ) would like to shake out as many Pi’s as possible . Not forgetting the hard rock samples sent to the lab for analysis that may even mean we’re already in profit with the Omnia hard rock Collaboration Agreement announced on 19th February 2018 via RNS . Since ore would be processed in their nearby processing plant if grades achieved in samples proved the venture profitable . With nuggets already found in the terraces very probable in my mind .

Ripley94 25 Jul 2018

Consolidation Question XTR… XXXXX Shows down 8% today but the spread is 14%… 1.13p. Web site discuss the market has copy of a lot of the old format ii posts including ones no longer available on this one.

Dragonslayer1 16 Jul 2018

Production for Q2 , RNS delivered on time (increase of 41.93% from previous quarter) Very happy with today’s RNS being delivered on time . The increase of 41.93% from the previous quarter is to be welcomed by all investors along with the breakdown in costs , revenue etc … Yep , happy with that but noticed Explorator share of gold produced ( 426 equivalent ounces ) is less than what was sold ( 283 (equivalent ounces ) . Presumably Xtract Resources BOD believe POG ( Price Of Gold ) is on the up . None to worried since they know far more about the situation than I just glad to read from today’s RNS " Since alluvial production commenced in 2017, Explorator has been self-funding and we are encouraged by production levels being maintained by one contractor " . With different contractors appointments expected to be announced shortly to process alluvial material from the terraces . Would like to have read news regarding the hard rock samples taken from the terraces by Omnia along with fair brides progress but then there’s plenty of time for this news since being self funding with cash in the bank " Xtract Resources " BOD in particular Mr.Colin Bird can thrash out better deals with regards to further employment of more alluvial material sub contractors .

Dragonslayer1 10 Jul 2018

Production for Q2 expected mid-July We have news due on many fronts from Sino alluvial revenue figures Q2 , Omnia hard rock assaying sampling from the terraces results , more sub contractors for alluvial processing to be announced then there’s the cherry on the cake what progress has been made in finallising an agreement to develop our fair brides project . Which as all long term investors / traders knows has a DFS for the open pit already done . As for Xtract Resources being debt free with cash in the bank of over £1 million it’s a far cry from only a short while back when Auroch , YAGM , TIR , Polar Star , etc … all had the power to control the share price by flooding the market with shares . Now all we have is the Market Makers ( MM’s ) doing what they do best shorting then going long . Something leads me to believe a revenue producing company with increased an increased revenue stream will soon be deemed a long hold by them catching out the traders . Hum … bit like SOLG to me when it was under 2p /share , not so long ago either .

theprior 09 Jul 2018

Consolidation Question Good opportunity to start a trading tranche (see recent Xtr posts), R94. The way this is fluctuating between 1.0 and 1.3 gives a good basis for a start. Either that or just a simple average down excercise. Looking for short term 1.8 on good news from recent activities (See recent DS1 posts) I closed my position completely recently after many years and quite a loss, but at this price the investment case is compelling. Just the small matter of time to get the contractor started organised and the hard rock mine going. Good luck TP

Ripley94 07 Jul 2018

Consolidation Question XTR… XXXX Looking back at my posts trying to find stellar diamond and Gemfields posts around 12th March 18. Appears no trace of some bb or messages on them since this site changed.

theprior 06 Jul 2018

Joining the club Thanks, DS. Exciting times for trading tranches. Today’s price action will be under close scrutiny TP

Dragonslayer1 05 Jul 2018

Joining the club theprior With the 1 million share buy’s taking place recently there appears to be someone taking a large position . Not surprisingly when examining Xtract Resources fundamentals in relation to it’s Market Cap ( MC ) . With Q2 Sino , alluvial results due mid July along with additional alluvial sub contractor announcements it’s a good catalyst for a sustained share price ( SP ) rise . Then there’s the hard rock samples from the terraces results due along with fair brides Joint Venture ( JV ) or sub contractor agreement announcement to consider . Aye , all in all good reason for a rise but a 16% rise with only 3,313,319 shares traded indicates to me the ( MM’s ) are walking this up rather than the ( SP ) being driven by buying pressure .

theprior 05 Jul 2018

Joining the club So, anyone any thoughts about today’s little rise? No RNS that I can find and nothing else to give an indication. Unless people are going stir crazy in the UK heat? TP

theprior 03 Jul 2018

Timing My second trading tranche bought at 1.04. Missedvthe lower price due to the new ii site’s lack of agility that we had before…(had to wait two days to spend my credit balance due to settlement date…we didn’t have that “feature” ( lol) previously!) Luck all TP

Dragonslayer1 27 Jun 2018

Joining the club My experience of placing shares and how Market Makers off load them with regards to Xtract Resources had me in a position where I was mainly in cash until recent opportunities allowed me to buy XTR shares cheaply . Going back to when TIR , Polar Star and YAGM were all offloading shares the placing price of 0.214p /share for the US$5 million loan note took approx 10 months for the shares to filter into the market . The good old ( MM’s ) forced the share price all the way down to 0.075p/share over that 10 months . Now go back to our last placing 14th November 2017 for net proceeds from the Placing (amounting to £1,530,000 after direct expenses) the share price was at 2.85p /share hence I assumed all along the ( MM’s ) would follow the same path and drive the share price down until all shares were in Pi ( Private Investor ) hands . Hence we’re at about the same ratio from the last placing as we were when all three financial backers TIR , Polar Star , YAGM had finished offloading . The resultant spike and continued uptrend drove the share price from 0.075p /share to 0.49p /share in a matter of 4 months . The triggering of TIR warrant shares took the wind out of the share price thereafter . We don’t have a huge amount of warrant shares to worry about now hence as soon as the last placing shares are in Pi hands the SP will spike as in a short squeeze yet again . I bagged a further 250k share this morning at 1.04p /share but have funds if I can buy further tranches lower . Xtract Resources is debt free , owns the Manica prospect 100% outright , Has Sino processing alluvial material and selling dorey bars , has a processing plant that was acquired from Moz Gold that it may lease to another sub contractor . Awaiting results with regards to hard rock samples taken from the terraces where nuggets have been found by Omnia , is in negotiations with a developer with regards to the DFS , fair brides project , in talks with more sub contractors with regards to alluvial processing , etc … the list goes on and all with the knowledge Xtract Resources has approx £1.2 million in the bank already with revenue ramping up not only by Sino but potentially 3 further sub contractors on alluvials alone . Wow … compared to when we were always getting diluted I feel the company is in far better shape and yet the Market Cap is way below what it was back then . Market Makers doing what they do best making money for themselves by shaking out the un-researched , overstretched traders . I do wonder why they post so much drivel on ( lse ) throughout the day but Market Makers have many tools to get their positions filled or closed .

theprior 27 Jun 2018

Joining the club Well that didn’t work. Maybe I should try again at today’s price!