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Johandesilva 14 Mar 2018

Re: Sino Mineral's , income financed loa... Well big well done to CB. I speculated 4p a year or so here. One thing I have learn't as an investor is that you can not predict the share price movement of stock based purely on success. It's all a gamble based on sentiment and speculation and I wish everyone luck. 4p will need about 10 million in the bank or equivalent value added towards producing assets.This will all take time and so I am happy to have Xtract convert the loan into shares and spread out bets.

theprior 14 Mar 2018

Re: Sino Mineral's , income financed loa... Did I see somewhere the contracts are for 10 years?

Johandesilva 13 Mar 2018

Re: Sino Mineral's , income financed loan to... Great progress. Good to know CB is feeling the pain financially and not sure why he hasn't given up and committed. Anyone have n estimate of how much the alluvial is worth or how long it will last?

Ripley94 12 Mar 2018

Re: Consolidation Question Another comment by this Cynical Bear mystery writer on share prophets yesterday.Motley selection of AIM wannabes.Calling this ( vast,opt, and a few others ) Mythical beasts ( will they ever become real )Not sure AIM is for long term holders.More about brokers flogging to Private investors , selling into spikes themselves buying back on dips or better still discounted placings.

Dragonslayer1 06 Mar 2018

Sino Mineral's , income financed loan to Moz gold Excellent RNS and podcast today revealing the new contract terms with Moz Gold . Also outlining tonnage that was agreed wasn't met resulting in Omnia agreeing to penalties that will be paid over a period of time .The Moz Gold loan was financed through income from the sub contractor Sino Mineral's and may be converted to a 25% ownership of the company Moz Gold dependent upon Mr.Colin Bird experience as to whether it would be good for Xtract Resources or not . With the prospect of between 6 and 8 alluvial processing machines within the Manica Prospect and double the yellow plant . The three sub-contractors look well positioned to take full advantage of forthcoming dry weather . Not that Sino Mineral's were held back by the wet season but nice to know Omnia and Moz Gold haven't been idle with 98,000 tons park on surface ready for processing already .here's the link to today's podcast .WWW.audioboom.com/posts/6708706-xtract-resources-xtr-powerhouse-energy-phe-and-alan-green-on-aeg-i3e-uen?t=1m24

trickler 06 Mar 2018

Re: RNS on Moz contract(s) out now Nice to see this moving in the right direction but will LTH's ever recover after the 200:1 consolidation. Regrettably not.Tclr (LTH)

Nice to Michu 06 Mar 2018

RNS on Moz contract(s) out now and my confidence is growing here. Mr Bird is bit by bit bringing this Manica Programme together nicely imho.. Obviously Moz is but one operator here.. and this Moz 'situation' is beginning to look rosier now.. Even if we have to wait til beginning April for overall Q1 Alluvial mining output figures I'm not bothered, as I'm confident they will be at leasr decent and certainly going in the right direction and with much more to come too..That said i'll hold off dumping the XTR Dog tag for a while yet.. but I think there could easily be a very bright future here.. hopefully.. but, of course, the proof needs to be seen written in black and white given the awful history here ...

Ripley94 03 Mar 2018

Re: Consolidation Question RNS ..Looking for a new broker Beaufort closed for fraud ??

Nice to Michu 21 Feb 2018

Re: Colin Birds talks about hard rock with O... Interesting DS and thanks for posting...well here's hoping he does even close to moving the World in 6 instead of 4 months .. Also makes me wonder if the next alluvial gold output update will indeed not be until the beginning of April.. a pity if we have to wait that long and maybe the s/p will do little interesting until closer to then.. from what he says in this interview I expect the month on month next alluvial update to be a decent improvement on previously reported but far more solid than spectacular figures.. Also Ard rock gold output to hopefully start in late summer too.. so patience ongoingly required here but rewards in terms of big s/p appreciation 'in due course' will hopefully occur/be worth the wait .. that said s/p performance so far has being surprisingly bad versus my expectations, so apols. to all for my original short term bullishness here. (In my defence I note that I have in recent weeks tried to change to a more balanced perspective)

Dragonslayer1 21 Feb 2018

Colin Birds talks about hard rock with Omnia well worth while listening to Mr.Colin Bird talking about the hard rock collaboration with Omnia at Manica plus reference to the alluvial processing development . Interview starts at 11mins 49secs ,WWW.audioboom.com/posts/6685561-versarien-vrs-xtract-resources-xtr-powerhouse-energy-phe-and-john-meyer-on-glen-abm-kod

Dragonslayer1 19 Feb 2018

Hard Rock collaboration , 50:50 basis What an unexpected RNS , outlining the terms and conditions of the hard rock processing at Manica , All apart from , Xtract Resources Plc , pride and joy " Fair Bride , open pit gold mine along with it's valuable DFS " . Well Mr.Colin Bird got something else lined up for that or it would have been included .Ironic how the alluvial processing has progressed far enough to allow hard rock mining to start but we've been kept in the dark a bit . Wouldn't surprise me if we not only get good alluvial processing results from our three sub-contractors for recent months but a large stock pile of alluvial material ready for processing too . Hence let the traders trade out whilst those that believe in the alluvial material ( dore bars ) get to see their company generate a profit to fund the hard rock processing at Manica apart from fair brides , for now . Yep , money makes money when re-invested on a 50:50 ratio . Now that's better than many would have thought possible using Omnia hard rock processing plant too ........... phew , that's good .

Nice to Michu 19 Feb 2018

Next Alluvial mining feedback key driver here and I'm hoping we don't have to wait until Apirl for that - quarterly post event reporting basis hinted at previously - but as this is a start up situation we deserve to be given monthly - or at least two monthly - feedback imho .. but Mr Bird is a law onto himself when it comes to feeding back .. so who knows... and the market will likely assume not good bottom line so far if we don't get feeback til April imho... so here's hoping for some feedback in early March or even late Feb. instead..

Nice to Michu 19 Feb 2018

This Ard rock agreement is good news will take time to get up and running - identifying whcih ard rock to mine first etc - no doubt.. but relevant processing plant is already there... ....shows that there is serious momentum is being gathered here now.. and we're going for more risk and reward by xtr in these new generation agreements.. fine by me.. IF there are good gold reserves to be found in Mancia then xtr will earn big and the share price will grow exponentially from here 'in due course' imho : IF

Nice to Michu 12 Feb 2018

Being thinking about this over the w/e and believe that whatever way I look at this the price is simply now - ie 2.25p - too low imho...of course it can go lower - nature of the game - but it's the history - more than current reality - of this company that is weighing down the s/p far too much in the circumstances imho, so small I topped up again just now to get my aveage down to 2.7p.Altogether, I don't see why a one bagger - 4.5p - from here is not doable this year.. and maybe/hopefully significantly nore than that. (That said I 'd still sell some down in the 3'sp if/when it gets there.. just in case of 1 step back for 1.5 forwards for a good while yet.Finally, I'm going to predict that holders with averages in the 2's or 3's p here will be meeting for a celebratory drink in the Ard Rock Cafe in Piccadilly within the next 18 months .

Cygnus_7 12 Feb 2018

Re: Xtr sp rubbish Supprised this isn't doing a little better.The company has no debt and they are generating money. Yes, gold production is slow but that is exactly what I would expect for a new start situation.Are others expecting something more or have I missed something ?PS, Clockwurk need not respond to this message.Cygnus 7