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Dragonslayer1 01:10

Re: 0.085 old money thepriorFrom memory , day of consolidation ( 200 shares : 1 share ) it dropped as low as 1.65p /share . Since then we had a placing (amounting to £1,530,000 at 2.85p /share ) to pay off all debt making Xtract Resources financially sound and of course sole owner of the Manica License prospect . Generating revenue from sub contractors Sino & Moz Gold through Alluvial sales which were sadly less than expected owing to a rainy season that was far from normal . With 2nd quarter alluvial processing being done in dry weather and the over burden already removed from fair brides . An announcement with regards to a Chinese sub contractor developing fair brides ( DFS ) area should be seen soon . A Royalty of 15 - 20% was mentioned at the Investor show but then that's down to the quality of the processing plant being offered by the Chinese sub contractor . Below the ( DFS ) area at fair brides holds higher grade ore a more expensive processing plant would reap huge rewards to develop this after the original ( DFS ) volume is processed .With Omnia entering a Joint Venture and Collaboration Agreement on 19th Feb 2018 with Xtract Resources to process hard rock occurrences (other than Fair Bride) their termination of their original alluvial contract was orchestrated in such a way that they exited it without penalty . With alluvial processing being less consistent than hard rock and the profits split on a 50:50 basis in the new Hard Rock Collaboration Agreement with ( XTR ) it cut out the company Nexus that had an unfair 60 - 40% split with Xtract Resources on the original alluvial contract . The beauty of using sub contractors is it creates revenue without an initial large outlay in the form of OPEX to purchase plant and machinery . The profit from the Alluvial processing should increase month on month but only time will tell if Moz Gold's approximate US$991,000 start-up costs will reap huge rewards for Moz Gold & Xtract Resources or just Xtract Resources since our loan to them was against their processing plant . From what i gather Mr.Colin Bird was frustrated by Moz Gold start up practices and believes their tailing's holds gold bearing ore . Time will tell if that ore is reworked but the infrastructure is in situ at Manica now with good weather too hence it wouldn't take long to rework .I've plenty of shares as it is but like I posted previously if the SP drops below 1.72p /share I'll buy another tranche . So far the best I've been offered on 200k shares is 1.735p /share someone appears to have the same idea and takes 500k shares just as my hopes are raised . Greed ...... hey ...... lolI've enough to sit back or go cycling without a worry about Xtract Resources future but would never advise anyone to invest in anything . Life's one big gamble it's only through research that you minimises the risk .

theprior 25 May 2018

0.085 old money Don’t think I’ve ever seen it so low. Should I get back in for more misery?TP (And a potential uplift going forward?)

Dragonslayer1 11 May 2018

Re: doubled up on dip Nice to MichuI'm not blaming Market Makers for anything in fact quite the reverse . I buy low sell high and keep a fair few shares for any upward trend movement . captainBob ...... writes on the ( lse ) who knows I swing trade though proof of my statements I email him . There's no point seeing through a pattern created by the Market makers and not using it to your advantage hence either realise where the swing is and created by who or just hold and blame everyone else when the share price rises and falls . Knowing all along the fundamentals of Xtract Resources are worth many times more than what the Market Makers deem a suitable company Market Cap for Xtract Resources at present . that will change exactly as it did in the company SOLG .

Nice to Michu 11 May 2018

Re: doubled up on dip Ps: Afore, should read proportion of total sell values to total buy values that's important.After checking in here I also checked in on LSE BB too and co-incidentally some chap called Ghostwriter had just posted the following:''Pie, I don't disagree that market maker's "play games" to access stock at advantageous levels on both sides. That's their business. But, it's a much shorter term situation where they come into force; i.e. around an RNS release for example. It is a convenient explanation to use the market maker as the reason for a prolonged sp decline when it is much more likely that it is due to short selling activity and/or over-supply. Of course, they can exaggerate this activity, but they are not the primary drivers of it.''He and I are on the same page on this and I'm generally fed up of market makers being endlessly blamed for many AIM s/p woes.. as you can tell AIM is a casino imho, and I consider myself a gambler... good LUCK to all fellow xtr holders

Nice to Michu 11 May 2018

Re: doubled up on dip Sure MM's manipulate somewhat DS, especially immediately around time of volatility causing news but underlying supply and demand are the key drivers of s/p after the initial news based MM's fun and games. I.e. There must have been decently more selling than buying overall recently, alas. (even if its on small overall volumes traded versus shares in issue, it's the proportions of sells to buys that is important)Obviously plenty of this selling is out of CB's control but, at the very least, he /Xtract as a co. absolutely must communicate more clearly/effectively, not least including managing expectations better. Of course, fundamentally, they must try and find a way of the company delivering better profitability asap too..... hopefully that's happening in April and May and going forward: by NATURE and nurture.

Dragonslayer1 10 May 2018

Re: doubled up on dip Nice to MichuWith the rainy season out the way I'm more confident than ever that Xtract Resources will generate huge profits for such a low Market Cap company in the near term . I don't trust the Market makers and never have hence will top slice on any forthcoming spikes , in due course obviously since the right RNS .... eg ... 15 - 20% Royalty from the fair brides open pit , hard rock , gold mine ..... would substantially re-rate our Market Cap over months not days or hours for that matter .I need a share price below 1.72p /share to purchase my next tranche . Yes that's a really low share price compared to the Placing amounting of £1,530,000 ( after direct expenses) raised only last November 14th , raised at 2.85p /share to pay off all Xtract resources debt and give them cash in the bank to cover overheads until revenue from Manica turned the company into a profitable company .There also the other hard rock Joint Venture and Collaboration Agreement with Omnia Mining Ltd to consider when top slicing . This is for all the hard rock other than fair brides DFS area . With dry weather and of course Omnia processing plant already on site progress shouldn't be ruled out for a further revenue stream which is on a 50:50 basis when it comes to profits . Not to bothered if the Market Makers decide it's time to reverse trend before I get my next top up but it's nice to know others are hopeful of getting some cheap shares too . Mmm ....... I was fully loaded when the share price rose from 0.075p /share to 0.28p /share within 2 hours of Mr.Jan nelsons announcement via RNS of a 10 fold gold concentrate increase when adding Salvadori outcrop reef ore with central core ore at Chepica but must admit to wishing I'd held that 25% of my holding tranche sale a couple more months closer to the 0.49p /share peak before reality set in with regards to TIR execution of warrant shares and the share price dropping off a cliff . Aye that's when Xtract Resources had more skeletons in the closet than any third world dictator ..... lol ...... thankfully those day's are gone .

Nice to Michu 10 May 2018

Re: doubled up on dip I hear you on the fun only beginning when we get into the 'ard rock DS and that this will 'in due course' go well higher than it is now.(hopefully) In different circumstances I would have doubled down around here too ... but I'm close to the max. I allow myself bet on any one stock here already now.. and it's my biggest position in my p/f already.. ouch/yikes ..so I did one top up at 1.85p and have one top up left only here.. and am saving that in case this goes lower again.. and of course it can go lower.. 1.5p wouldn't surprise me alas... but that low is hopefully/probably not happening. Ps: Afore said I feel I should - again - say have real issue with CB's grip on the detail of the day to day here and think he has too many other non Xtr things on the go.. eg the way he trows about all sorts of confusing figures in public..and feel that if he can't dedicate more time to XTR he needs to get a COO or such like on board soon.. eg fire the CFO and promote a junior accountant internally and put the savings towards a COO salary.. I still rate him on the big picture stuff though eg those third party contracts and doing the right thing by shareholders.. and they're the hugely important things here now..

Dragonslayer1 08 May 2018

doubled up on dip Been really pleased with the recent share price drop before news regarding the Chinese company developing fair brides or Omnia Mining Ltd developing hard rock occurrences (other than Fair Bride) is announced . Allowing Omnia Mining Ltd to utilise it's new hard rock processing plant already on site . Yep , Omnia Mining Ltd dropped the higher risk alluvials for Manica hard rock with Xtract carrying out the initial investigation on potential targets . should have news regarding that soon . As for the alluvials we know at least one sub-contractor Sino has the bit between their teeth , hence not worried about revenue stream from alluvials since it's bound to increase after the wettest rainy season in many a year .As for more top ups , yes please if the opportunities arise .

Nice to Michu 01 May 2018

Re: Johandesilva ..... regards top up Good post DS.Point of order: I'm not invested in Xtract. I've placed a bet on it.

Dragonslayer1 01 May 2018

Re: Johandesilva ..... regards top up Nice to MichuI personally would never call any share I'm invested in a dog especially when I'm buying back shares at a 30% discount that I sold a week ago . Certainly not bothered by the drop in SP since there was no placing , no news that wasn't already known and that brings me to what we do know .( 1 ) ....Xtract Resources is debt free with cash in the bank . ( 2 ) ....Has one proven alluvial processing company Sino , sub-contracted at an unfair profit split with Nexus but that can change .( 3 ) ...A sub-contractor , Moz Gold , that might be better prepared to start processing alluvials now the weather is more suited to their equipment . Then there's our loan to them that may or may not be converted to a percentage ownership of said company . Alas there are many unknowns with Moz Gold hence any news regarding them is most welcome .( 4 ) ... We learn't from the Investor show Mr.Colin Bird is in talks with a Chinese company to develop the fair brides open pit gold mine . A royalty of 15 - 20% was mentioned but that will probably be related to the kind of processing plant they use and whether we get to keep the plant after the initial DFS area is worked . Yep , there's higher grade gold beneath the DFS area hence is that 15% Royalty for the known area or is that 20% for what's known and ground below DFS area . We'll soon find out .I've been invested in Xtract Resources for many years , seen it almost fold thanks to Mr.Jan Nelson over spending but now we have Mr.Colin Bird at the helm I'm more confident than ever the company with do well , very well . I'll never trust the Market Makers though hence will continue to trade part of my holding , buy low - sell high is the only tip I'll give .

Nice to Michu 01 May 2018

Re: Johandesilva ..... regards top up As CEO of Xtract, while he obviously doesn't have anything like full control of the s/p, CB has or at least should have a reasonable degree of control of it imho DS. This is clearly still a dog until proven otherwise, imho... and I have said that this remains a dog a bit more than occasionally on this BB in recent months and i'll bet you a lot more here agree with me now than at the beginning of the year for e.g.Generally, CB needs to get a better grip asap imho.. starting with his and his teams quality of communications to shareholders... both RNS and sundry forms of verbal comms. by CB himself.

Johandesilva 01 May 2018

Re: Johandesilva ..... regards top up Dragonslayer1 it is the replacement sub-contractor for the alluvia I am waiting for, as I have a few question marks hanging over the quality of the alluvials now. This is why the MM must have dropped the price as everything in gambling are odds based on risk vs reward. The risk has increased but so has the reward... but there is only so much risk one can take.At the moment I have better opportunities in the large-cap area and my money is safer in technology and biotec funds. I also have another AIM stock that YA rescued that I believe is also speculative borderline trash but just about better than XTR!

Dragonslayer1 01 May 2018

Re: Johandesilva ..... regards top up Nice to MichuHaving realised a long time ago Mr.Colin Bird had no control over the share price I turned my attention to the Market Makers . Hence it's them I have trust issues with and by doing so generally trade part of my holding . Had another top up today which was probably someones triggered stop lose but then that's how we learn .

Nice to Michu 01 May 2018

Re: Johandesilva ..... regards top up I agreed somewhat - only - with you on that only DS Here is what I wrote but I've capped important parts too now ''Market maker manipulation, stop outs, short opening/closing and chunky L/T holding buying, short term trader selling out etc play SOME PART in the current s/p action Dragonslayer but AT THE CORE of this big fall is A TRUST ISSUE imho''

Dragonslayer1 01 May 2018

Re: Johandesilva ..... regards top up Nice to MichuI noticed on Monday 13:10 your post agreed with my Market Manipulation theory but none to worried if you've changed your mind . Worth remember it's not Mr.Colin Bird who sets the Market cap of Xtract Resources it's the Market Makers . Hence any fluctuation with regard to share price movement is down to the ( MM's ) . The news regarding heavy rains in Mozambique was already known which in turn affected the sub-contractors ability to process alluvials . Funny how Omnia Mining Ltd found a rich patch on their own prospect during this quarter and yet the weather was unsuitable to process alluvials at the Manica prospect . Aye but then they have the hard rock now at Manica all bar than fair brides that is ....